Chris Dawson sentencing LIVE updates: Lynette Dawson’s ex-husband set to be jailed over murder

Lynette’s brother Greg Simms stared at Dawson when his victim impact statement was read by a supporter at a November Supreme Court hearing. In the document, he labeled Dawson a “underhanded monster”.

“You were unconditionally accepted into our family when you married Lyn,” Simms said.

Lynette Dawson’s brother Greg Simms, with wife Merilyn, out of court after hearing.Credit:Louise Kennerly

“You paid us back by committing the ultimate betrayal.”

His parents Helena and Len Simms, and brother Phil, have passed away in the four decades since Lynette’s disappearance.

“One of the most disturbing aspects of your lies and deceit was the profound effect your actions had on my father, mother and brother,” Simms said.

“They were not spared seeing that Lyn’s name was finally cleared by the justice system, that she was not a missing person and had not abandoned her children. They all knew in their hearts that this was the truth.”

He said Dawson had committed a “dirty act”.

“Tell us where Lyn is and allow us to take her home to a peaceful rest so she can finally get the dignity she deserves,” he said.

Asked by media outlets out of court last month if he felt Dawson deserved to “die in prison,” Simms replied, “No. He should serve his time and then tell us where Lyn is.”

Simms later told The Australians The teacher’s lawsuit podcast: “Every now and then when they mentioned Lyn or the word murder or something like that, he [Dawson] shook his head very weakly.”

His wife, Merilyn Simms, added that she had noticed Dawson during the hearing about “turning his seat away from everyone”.

“It’s like… cowardice. I don’t want to face it, so I put my head down,’ she said.

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