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Chloe Bennet on ‘Dave’ Season 3: “Each Episode Is Its Own Pocket Weird”


After seven seasons, Daisy ‘Skye’ Johnson continues Agents of SHIELDa recurring role in FX comedy Dave was a big change of pace for Chloe Bennet — especially when she plays Lil Dicky’s love interest and the show’s star and creator Dave Burd is one of her best friends.

In season three, Lil Dicky sets out on his “Looking for Love Tour,” in which he meets Bennet’s character, a photographer named Robyn. In episode seven, which aired May 10, Robyn comes to LA to visit Dave and is faced with one surprise after another. First she finds out it’s his birthday week, then she’s tasked by his friends to trick him into showing up at a party at the beach where she’ll meet his parents – and along the way he admits he can’t ride a bike and, more importantly, that he didn’t immediately correct the rumors that he was killed in a tour bus explosion. (She handles it all surprisingly well.)

“This character means a lot to me because Dave is such a brilliant show, but what I loved about this season is that it really reflects the different levels of men’s relationship with women,” says Bennet. “It’s been a really special experience working with all the women on set and watching Dave navigate how he feels about himself in those relationships.”

Prior to the episode’s release, Bennet spoke to THR about seeing Burd’s rise, working with friends, and what’s in store for her character this season.

How did you get involved Dave?

Dave and I have actually been friends for years. So it always just felt like, when would be the right time to join the show? Because I was always kind of a part of it, tangentially on the sidelines, rooting for him and watching the show and its success. It was really special to be a part of that as a friend from the start, and season three really gave me room to roll up my sleeves and get involved. The way my schedule opened up and the timing of it seemed to be pretty kismet.

What I love about this season, and what I love about his relationship with Robyn, is that it really just forces Dave to explore his relationships with women, or lack thereof. How his neuroses can be so beneficial to art and success to some degree, and how we see that working against him in certain ways when it comes to romance and his relationships with women. So I’m always a little bit more interested in that side of things, and especially as long as being friends with him and seeing that in real life and that’s interesting to see as a friend from the sidelines. It was cool to be a part of that on screen.

How did it go on Dave compared to your previous series?

It’s so different. I think Dave, just in general because of who he is as a creator and as an artist, his set will always be kind of an anomaly. Being a rapper and a creator who is so deeply independent, it’s interesting to see how that process upends the very system in which we actually make TV shows. He has a fresh way of getting things done and making things. In contrast to SHIELD, they couldn’t be more different, but it’s really exciting as an actor to start doing something different. There is definitely a freedom with Dave. Obviously it’s a lot sharper and there’s a lot more room to play on the day. And also, Travis Bennett, Benny (Blanco) and Dave, they are all good friends of mine in real life. So a lot of that (in episode seven), we shot down the street from Benny’s real house, and it just felt like we were a bunch of friends hanging out. So to get those relationships on camera and give people a little glimpse into what life is really like was fun.

How would you describe Robin?

I think Robyn is an extremely relatable modern young woman. Playing this kind of relationship with a man who prioritizes his career to an extreme degree I think a lot of women can relate to the struggle of being a professional and being a woman in a workplace but also trying to be equal keeping up with the full-time job it can be to date men and date other creators. Robin is a photographer. She’s an artist, and I think what this season does right is you see how many women have to compromise with romance and with their professional lives. I think we’ve tried to explore that as much as possible this season.

Pictured: (lr) Chloe Bennet as Robyn, Dave Burd as Dave.

Byron Cohen/FX

What was it like filming the scene in the last episode where he admits he didn’t immediately correct reports that he was dead?

Filming that scene was crazy. Not just because of that, but because Dave really doesn’t know how to ride a bike in real life. So that day of filming, Dave was basically just doing exactly what he was doing on camera and I just said, “Dave, just like break.” Aside from the logistics of that, that was pretty funny to shoot. But in that scene, I think she and Dave are actually quite compatible there. I think she just sort of understands him and I’m talking about being friends with him for so long. I think she’s kind of getting the neuroses he has that’s gotten him to the point where he didn’t say anything and was so stressed out about it. I like to think of that as a deep moment of acceptance without him having to explain himself too much. This would be something where other people would say, “Wait. What?” I think she kind of gets it, maybe she doesn’t get it all, but she understands his perspective of why he can get caught up in anything and end up saying nothing.

What were some of your favorite movie moments this season?

I’ve lived in LA for 13 years and pretty much all of my friends work in the industry, and it’s always just really special to work with people that you’re friends with and experience and work with them in a professional environment — especially with someone which I deeply respect creatively. To have seen Dave grow from where he was when we first met, almost exclusively a rapper, to this producer and writer and creator of this new medium TV show it was very special to see him as a friend doing his thing. So to see him in that position was cool, and then team up and be a part of a season that I really think is their best season – but it’s also fucking weird, man. Like, the season is going rough.

Do you have a favorite episode from this season?

(Episode) nine gets really fucking crazy. This season is wild. Dave’s brain is one of my favorite brains. He’s hyper-creative and he just never ceases to amaze me how his brain takes in information and how contrary he tends to think things up. In season three, every episode is its own sack of weird and I love it. I think it ends in a way that even fans like Dave will be surprised by. I really enjoyed making nine, and I don’t want to give it away, but it’s interesting.

How would you describe where your character goes from here without giving too much away?

I think it’s clear that they have really great chemistry and Dave, the character, he’s looking for love. This whole season is about him looking for love, and he’s got a real chance and let’s see if he doesn’t screw up. Is he really looking for love? Love is a compromise, right? And Dave, the character, has established himself as this self-centered person building his career. You can want something, but are you willing to compromise? Are you willing to actually do it? I think that’s a very relatable battle for any young professional right now, and we’re seeing him trying to navigate through that.

What’s next for you?

I’m shooting this show now called Inland Chinatown, which was very exciting. Taika Waititi did the pilot and is an executive producer and it was absolutely incredible. Go from Dave that was very different, but just as much fun.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

Dave releases new episodes on FXX Wednesdays at 10 p.m. and streams on Hulu.

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