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Chinese Research Team Develops Quantum Chip “Refrigerator”

Just recently, Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center of China effectively established the nation’s very first quantum chip high vacuum storage box and has actually put it into usage. Scientists have actually called it a “quantum chip fridge”.

According to Jia Zhilong, deputy director of Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, the quantum chip high vacuum storage box is owned by Hefei Benyuan Quantum Computing Technology Co., Ltd., and has 3 storage cavities, each of which can be run separately.

At the very same time, it is geared up with a smart tracking system, which can keep an eye on the vacuum degree in real-time and offer a steady high vacuum environment for the chip storage procedure. In order to understand the entire automation operation of the devices, R&D workers likewise investigated the human-computer interaction user interface.

The quantum chip is the core element of quantum computer systems. Various from the typical integrated circuit chips, quantum chips require to go through complicated system production procedures, such as ambient temperature level, tidiness, sound, vibration, electro-magnetic waves and small pollutant particles, all of which have an influence on the resultant chip.

Superconducting products in quantum chips are extremely delicate to the environment. If the environment is not up to requirement throughout production and storage, the products quickly respond with oxygen and water particles in the air and adsorb numerous pollutants. The Josephson junction and superconducting capacitance, which are the essential parts of quantum chips, will age the products and for that reason cause a poorer consistency in frequency of the qubits and lower coherence time of quantum chips. Similar to food is oxidized and decomposes when exposed to air, quantum chips can’t be utilized if they are not effectively maintained.

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The initial quantum innovation group stemmed at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Quantum Information. The group has actually been devoted to the R&D of quantum computing chips with 2 assembly line of superconducting and silicon-based semiconductors and has actually successively produced Wuyuan, the very first quantum chip assembly line in China.

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