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China urges Washington to stop “suppressing it by any means”


Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said Saturday that China’s stance toward a healthy, stable and constructive relationship with the United States has not changed, although it hopes the United States will stop using “unscrupulous means” to contain and suppress China.

When meeting with representatives of US-friendly organizations and companies in Beijing, Qin said China hopes the two countries can work together to promote bilateral relations to overcome difficulties.

Chen said China will continue to provide a better business environment for global companies, including US companies.

The Chinese foreign minister expressed his country’s hope that the United States would stop restricting and oppressing China by any means, and work with Beijing to restore bilateral relations to the path of healthy and sustainable development.

“We hope the United States will abandon the zero-sum mentality, stop restricting and suppressing China by any means, and work with China to push China-US relations to overcome the current difficulties and return to the path of healthy and stable development,” he said.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Qin Gang welcomed American companies to continue to increase investments in China, and noted that Beijing will continue to improve the business environment for companies from all over the world, including American companies.

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