China Covid pandemic protests: Dr Nick Coatsworth warns most perilous moment is now as virus spreads

A top Australian doctor has warned that the world is facing the most perilous moment of the Covid pandemic as the virus runs out of control in China because of its draconian zero-Covid policy.

Former federal deputy chief medical officer Dr Nick Coatsworth said China’s insistence on zero-Covid rather than learning to live with the virus like the rest of world could now lead to ‘significant’ Covid spread globally and even death.

The controversial zero-Covid policy to try and eliminate the virus through harsh restrictions and quarantine measures has failed because of the Chinese government’s inability to get elderly residents vaccinated and because of its decision to use inferior local vaccines over superior foreign ones. 

Dr Coatsworth claims the genie is out the bottle and warns that we will now see an enormous spread of Covid. thousands of Chinese citizens took to the streets this week to protest against President Xi Jinping’s measures.

 Recently, thousands of protestors against China’s Covid lockdown have been clashed by police from China.

China Has Been Pursuing A Controversial Zero-Covid Policy By Trying To Eliminate The Virus Through Harsh Restrictions And Quarantine Measures

China has pursued a controversial zero-Covid strategy to eradicate the virus by imposing severe restrictions on its citizens and putting them in quarantine.

Dr. Coatsworth spoke on Wednesday’s Today Show, saying that the chaos in China was a negative sign for the rest.

He stated, “I’d almost claim that this is the worst moment for the world in the pandemic,”   

“China has had a strict Covid Zero policy. However, it is not possible to convince elderly Chinese to get vaccines.

“So now we have a situation in which only 40% of over 80s have had a third dose Covid-19 vaccine. This is in a country that has 1.4 billion inhabitants.

Dr Coatsworth claimed that China cannot ‘hold back” Covid as it spreads throughout the nation.

He stated that the Omicron variant is so infectious that it would spread quickly and that he believes the genie has run out of time.

The Chinese government won’t have the ability to stop Covid’s spread now. It will spread through the population, causing significant health problems and deaths.

“Whatever your opinion of the Chinese government is, I believe that the solidarity of the entire world should be there for the Chinese people who are going through a lot more than we saw from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He It was also clear that China’s zero Covid strategy was not sustainable. 

He stated, “If you are going to adopt such strict strategies of Covid zero for as long as the most authoritarian government is in the world, then eventually their population will rebel against it.”

“It’s not like we are talking about pandemic fatigue here in Australia. This is on a totally different scale in China. But if you want to adopt that policy, then you need to convince your population to get vaccinated.

“Whatever reason it may be, they have not been capable of convincing elderly Chinese to get vaccinated. Of course, they will bear the brunt this wave is sweeping across China right now. 

Hundreds Could Be Heard Asking For President Xi Jinping To Resign In Remarkable Scenes From The Communist Country

In extraordinary scenes from the communist nation, hundreds of people could be heard asking President Xi Jinping for his resignation.

In The City Of Shanghai, Videos Posted On Social Media By Foreign Journalists Show Thousands Of People Taking To The Streets To Remember The Victims And To Protest Against Covid Restrictions.

Video footage posted by foreign journalists shows thousands of people marching in Shanghai’s streets to pay respect to the victims and protest Covid restrictions.

The Communication University Of China In Nanjing Was Trending On Weibo On Saturday Night, With One Hashtag Receiving Over 180 Million Views. Students At The University Gathered Chanting Slogans Such As &Quot;Long Live The People&Quot; And Turning On The Lights On Their Phone As A Tribute To Victims Of The Fire In Urumqi.

On Saturday night, the Communication University of China Nanjing trended on Weibo with one hashtag getting over 180 million views. The university students gathered to chant slogans such “long live people” and turned on their phones in a tribute for the victims of Urumqi fire.

In recent days, Chinese police have clashed with thousands protesting the country’s draconian Covid lockdowns – as unprecedented civil unrest gripped the nation.

Demonstrations broke out in at least seven cities, including Shanghai Nanjing and Guangzhou. Violence broke out between angry protesters and local cops.

Shanghai was the scene of the largest protest, with 26 million residents demanding that President Xi Jinping resign.

Dr. Coatsworth cautioned: “I believe the virus eventually dictates how you have to act as a policymaker.

‘Even if the virus is the most powerful policymaker in the world it will defeat the power and will force Xi Jinping to adapt his policies.

“But this may be the most significant impact we’ve seen in pandemic when you actually have protests against a global leader who has held absolute power for the past week or so.

“It’s fascinating to see how it plays out considering the location of the rest of the globe with this one.

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