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Chimpanzee is taken back from the trunk of a car in Angola

Chimpanzee is rescued from the trunk of a car after being caught in a snare and beaten with an iron pipe by Angolan traffickers – only to lose its fight for life 11 days later

  • Chimpanzee discovered in the trunk of a car by poachers in Angola
  • The primate was wounded by a snare, beaten, and tied with hands and feet
  • Rescue workers, who named the chimpanzee Caita, had to amputate two fingers due to an injury
  • She survived 11 days, but sadly died before kidnappers were imprisoned for wildlife crimes

This is the heartbreaking moment when a chimpanzee was discovered in the trunk of a car in Angola after being captured by wildlife poachers.

Animal workers discovered the female chimpanzee – whom they named Caita – covered in cuts from a snare used to trap her, tied with her hands and feet.

Employees of the charity Wild @ Life, based in Germany, said Caita was struck with a metal bar and injured so badly that two of her fingers had to be amputated.

Wildlife workers in Angola were shocked to find a female chimpanzee in Angola badly injured by a snare, tied and beaten in the trunk of a car in Angola

The chimpanzee’s hand was so badly injured in the snare (left) that one of her fingers had to be amputated to prevent infection (right)

A charity spokesperson explained that they had acted on a tip when they found Caita in the car on a busy street in Angola in August last year.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes when they met the situation before our eyes,” the spokesman said.

Two poachers who captured the chimpanzee and killed her family for meat were arrested and have since been imprisoned

A female chimpanzee was tied to her wrists and feet with thick ropes, her fingers were hanging off, and she was in a lot of pain and fear.

‘She had been caught in a rusty snare, and her family was killed right in front of her – they were going to be sold for bushmeat.

“The two poachers hit her on the back with an iron pipe, tied her up, and threw her in the trunk of a car.”

The team took Caita to a nearby shelter where she survived for 11 days and slowly regained her appetite while workers tried to treat her wounds.

But unfortunately she contacted tetanus from the snare, and 11 days after her rescue she died of septic shock.

It is not known how long Caita sat in the trunk of that car, whether she was going to be sold alive or killed and had to cut up some of the animal parts trade.

Chimpanzees are often eaten as bushmeat, while their bones, blood, organs and other body parts are used in a variety of traditional medicines.

The two poachers have since been convicted of crimes against wild animals.

A Wild @ Life spokesperson added: ‘Many are also being sold to zoos and artificial safari parks where people pay to keep them locked up and away from anything natural to them.

Caita survived 11 days after she was rescued, but contracted tetanus from the rusty snare used to trap her and eventually died of septic shock.

‘They are sold to laboratories where they are also tortured in the name of science.

None of these animals belong anywhere other than in the wild with their families.

“Those who are saved from people are given everything possible to protect them and enrich their lives, but make no mistake, there is no substitute for their families and their wild homes.

“Wild @ Life is continuously active on the ground to save the victims of poaching.”



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