Children talking to Alexa from Amazon thinking that she is their FRIEND

aamzon alexa

KIDS talks to Alexa from Amazon as if he were a relative.

They believe that voice-operated home assistants are members of the family. Young children have conversations with robot devices and want them to be their friends.

They believe that they are capable of having personal relationships and emotions, and do not want to disturb them. Researchers from the University of Washington in the United States carried out the study.

Previously they had revealed that 90% of children thought it was wrong to damage humanoid machines because "it would hurt their feelings".

Voice-operated digital home assistants are increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. One in 10 households has a smart speaker, such as Amazon Echo, which includes Alexa or Google Home.


BOND: A study has found that children treat voice devices as family members

"Amazon Echo is turning our daughter into a hole of rage"

Hunter Walk

But fears have arisen about children's relationships with the new technology.

Toy maker Mattel stopped plans for a nanny with artificial intelligence amid criticism of the effect it could have on children's development.

An online protest, which argued that it would "replace the care, judgment and company of the loving members of the family," was signed by more than 15,000 people.

Blogger Hunter Walk wrote that his Amazon Echo was "turning our daughter into a hole of rage". He added: "I'm not sure a child knows why he can handle Alexa but not a person."