Childcare Singapore: Which is the Best Preschool near Me?

There are several preschools in Singapore, which makes choosing a specific one for your child a mind numbing task. Every preschool promises excellent results for your child.

However, that’s no guarantee that your child will get the type of care and education you may want them to get. According to most parents though, First Steps Preschool @ Yishun is one of Singapore’s best childcare centers.

In today’s guide, we walk you through the five important things to consider when choosing childcare in Singapore. Read on.

What Should I Look for in a Preschool?

If it is the first time you’re researching for a preschool, it is natural to feel a bit of confusion when comparing the preschools near you. We help you solve this by highlighting the important pointers to look for during your selection process.

·       The Location

A preschool’s location should be one of your top priorities when looking for the best childcare center in Singapore. With that being said, it would be better if your childcare center of choice is closer to your place of work or home.

If the preschool is closer to either your home or place of work, you’ll be assured of a shorter trip for your child both to and from school. Choosing a preschool that’s closer to your place of work can be a massive boost, especially if you have longer workdays or you have to commute a long distance to and from work.

Therefore, your preference should be on a preschool that’s situated close to corporate business parks and residential neighborhoods. It will also make sense if it’s located at the heart of a business community.

·  Review the Curriculum

Interestingly, almost every preschool has its philosophy and curriculum that guides how they operate or manage daily routines. We acknowledge that choosing the perfect curriculum for your child may not be easy too.

Here’s something that can make your curriculum selection easier. Focus more on philosophies and curricula that pays more attention to developmentally-appropriate play, practical learning, and offering rich content to the youngsters.

Ideally, apart from academics, the curriculum should also address social and emotional development issues for the children. When it comes to practical learning; the curriculum should promote the children’s active engagement in learning.

·  Check the Teachers’ Qualifications

Handling preschool children demand a lot in qualifications and understanding on the part of the teachers. Therefore, a good childcare center must have teachers who are qualified and experienced in this sector.

Even better, teachers should also be actively participating in ongoing training, etc. It would also be better to check how the teachers interact with the youngsters and handle discipline and guidance needs.

·  The Quality of the Facility’s Classroom Interactions

According to studies, preschoolers who get better quality in terms of classroom interactions both in child-to-child and teacher-to-child interaction have higher odds of getting better outcomes and following instructions. This implies that good quality interaction in the classrooms can support and boost youngsters’ positive developments in preschools.

When shopping for a preschool in Singapore, it is prudent that you look into how the teachers in your preferred facility work with and provide instructions to children. If your child can get high-quality teacher to child interactions during their days in preschool, chances are high they’ll develop to be highly social competent with minimal levels of behavior disorders/problems.

·  Family Members and Parents Engagement

A good preschool program recognizes the role of parents in the development of youngsters. The parent is usually the child’s first teacher who influences most activities of his/her life.

Therefore, a good program for the preschoolers should support family members or parents’ contribution to every child’s development. This will ensure that the children have good school attendance rates and better scores in their results.

To achieve this, it would be better to go with a facility that allows some physical space for the parents of children in the child care center. Ideally, the school should also have provisions of having the parents get involved in these children’s learning process. A more straightforward way would be having some of the parents serve the school in suiting capacities such as advisory boards, etc.

· The Design

When it comes to design, you will need to look around the school environment and the classrooms. Ideally, the facility should be organized with important hints that small children actually spend most of their time there.

When looking at the design, check the classrooms and the materials these children use physically. An ideal preschool setting should allow the children the flexibility to access and put away the materials they constantly need with ease.

Feel free to go the extra mile and try to view the environment from a child’s point of view by either sitting on the floors or bending to most children’s heights. You may also need to check the decorations and wall art to ascertain that they’re designed to match a preschooler’s view and fantasies.

Over to You

A preschool plays a pivotal role in your child’s development, and it makes sense checking to ensure that your ideal childcare in Singapore ticks all the boxes. We model our programs to suit the needs of all children. Contact us today; we’ll help you secure a place in our preschool for your child.