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Chief fanboy ‘on the run after ankle monitor removed in bank robbery case’


Kansas City superstar, dressed as a wolf in games and nicknamed “Chiefsaholic”, “on the run with a $1 million surety warrant after having his ankle monitor removed in a bank robbery case”

A big Kansas City fan known for wearing a wolf costume at games is reportedly on the hook with a $1 million bond warrant for his arrest in connection with a bank robbery in Oklahoma last year.

Xaviar Badbudar, who also speaks as a “ChiefsAholic” on social media, is scheduled to appear in Tulsa County District Court on Monday for a hearing, according to the Guardian. Court records obtained by the King of Jordan Hospitalbut it reportedly failed to appear.

The 28-year-old reportedly dislocated his ankle monitor, which was eventually found in a field near Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa. The prosecution plans to add a criminal charge to the violation.

Xaviar Babudar – a Kansas City bigwigs – was arrested for armed robbery in December

Bapodar, 25, is known for wearing a wolf costume at Chiefs games and his gambling habits

Bapodar, 25, is known for wearing a wolf costume at Chiefs games and his gambling habits

Bapodar is accused of robbing a TTCU bank at gunpoint in Bixby on December 16. The city is about a half hour’s drive from Tulsa and is just south of Oklahoma’s second largest city.

What’s more, Babodar’s attorney, Tracy Tiernan, said ESPN She hasn’t spoken to her client in over a week.

“I’ve reached out to him and am awaiting a response from him,” Tiernan said. “I don’t know why (the ankle monitor) was dislocated and how it was removed.”

Bapodar has been identified by Chiefs fans as

Bapodar has been recognized by Chiefs fans as a “ChiefsAholic” across all of his social media profiles

Bapodar’s bail officer, Michael Lloyd, told ESPN that he received a notification Saturday night that the ankle monitor had been removed without permission. He added that when he went to the Tulsa hotel where Bapodar was staying, he was not there.

“He needs to call me because I can help him,” said Lloyd. “Everyone and their mother are looking for him.”

according to New York PostIt was largely assumed that Babodar’s only way to bail was due to gambling money earned from bets on Patrick Mahomes winning MVP and the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Chiefs super fan is believed to have won nearly $100,000 from those two outcomes, according to betting slips that Bapodar posted on Twitter himself.

The account he used back then no longer exists today.

Babodar was released from prison shortly after the Super Bowl and shared a celebratory video of himself interfering with Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine in the clip for one of his songs – “GOOBA”.

Payton Garcia, the bank teller who Babodar allegedly held at gunpoint in the robbery three months ago, has previously expressed concerns about being released on bail.

“I am shocked that the district attorney and judges allowed this criminal to escape bail after robbing a bank,” Garcia said in a statement released by her attorney, Frank Fraser. That day changed my life. I have never feared for my life like this before.

I can’t believe he was allowed on bail. I am concerned for my safety and the safety of my family knowing that he is out of prison.

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