Chic mom is ruthlessly mocked after asking advice on ‘high-end’ dog door for her luxury home


‘Employ a janitor’: Chic mom is mocked by sassy critics after asking advice on a Facebook group for a ‘high-end’ dog door for her new luxury home

  • A mother has been relentlessly mocked online after asking for advice on dog doors
  • The mom wanted a ‘high-end’ dog door suggestion for her new build
  • She explained that her whole back wall is made of glass so the door couldn’t go through walls

A posh mom has been relentlessly mocked after asking for advice on “high-end” doggy-door suggestions for her new luxury home.

The mother was told to “hire a janitor” for her two dogs after she took to Facebook with her building and renovation group inquiry – but she took the sassy comments in good spirits.

“We are building a high-end house, but have two dogs and need a dog door,” she wrote.

‘The dog door can only go on the sliding glass doors that lead outside. Can anyone recommend “high end or architectural” looking dog doors?”

A posh mom has been relentlessly mocked after asking for advice on 'high-end' doggy door suggestions for her new luxury home

A posh mom has been relentlessly mocked after asking for advice on ‘high-end’ doggy door suggestions for her new luxury home

But the post drew some ironic comments.

“Pay the builder to add a high-end or architectural underground dog door tunnel,” one mom wrote.

‘High quality? You’ll need a janitor,’ another replied.

Another asked what ‘high-end’ means that made others laugh, ‘expensive’.

What are the best Australian dog doors of 2021?

1. PetSafe Staywell original 2-way door

2. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

3. Ideal Pet Products Air-Seal Pet Door

4. PetSafe sliding glass door for cats and dogs

5. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

What are the Different Types of Dog Doors?


By standard pet doors we mean the most common type. Those are the ones you see the most – a simple opening with a flap installed in a door, a window or the wall.


Smart pet doors are a relatively new product in the pet market. They look like any pet door, but they can stay locked and then unlock automatically as your pet approaches the door. This adds an extra layer of security and keeps out unwanted animals.

Sliding door

Drilling a hole in your door or wall may not be an option for everyone. Well, if you don’t want that but do have a sliding glass door, there’s a solution for you: a glass door insert with a pet door. These inserts simply go into the frame of your existing glass door.

Source: Soft Dog Trainers

“I really want to be your dog,” one woman added.

The woman said she was building her house to the border on both sides, making it more difficult to install a dog door.

“The whole back of the house is glass,” she explained when people told her to stick it through a wall instead.

Others suggested a “bark-activated door,” but the woman said her “big bulldog doesn’t bark.”

Others asked her to clarify what she meant by

Others asked her to clarify what she meant by “high-end”

However, some people in the group had helpful suggestions.

“We use automatic slide that opens the door automatically, we’ve had ours for years and it’s great, I believe they improved both the look and function to make it more modern now.”

She explained that her pets have collars with tags that activate the sensors.

Others shared photos of kitchen cabinets with hidden pet tunnels.

“There are no high end doors on the market, they are all custom, talk to your glazier,” one woman said.

The woman has been posting for help with her new building since last year. Get advice on everything from furniture to crockery.

She said she’d be happy to pay as much as $3,000 for the right door.