Chic And Playful Pixie Cut Hairstyles For Your Head Turning Look 

There is hardly a hairstyle for women that would look as daring and impactful as a pixie cut. As it takes so much hair off your head, it completely exposes your face to the world so you would not be able to hide behind your locks. That is one of the reasons why it is considered a perfect hairstyle option for women who feel confident in themselves. Want to add to your self-esteem? Our collection of the trendiest pixie cuts is already waiting for you. 

How Do You Define A Pixie Cut? 

You may think that you confuse a pixie cut with other short women’s haircuts and no wonder. There is a myriad of pixies out there that differ in terms of shape, style, and even length. You should check out our website LoveHairStyles to see how versatile this cut is. Though, you would also notice one common feature they all have – an extremely short cut on the back and sides that is paired with an elongated top. Sometimes it comes with a bang or a fringe. But this is totally up to you.

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Inspirational Pixie Cut Ideas To Take To Your Hairstylist

One of the best things about a pixie cut is that it has so many variations that everyone would be able to find a look to match their taste. Explore the collection of pixie hairstyles below to draw some inspo. 

A Layered Pixie Cut 

Layering is a great option when you want to give your haircut extra texture and definition. That said, this haircutting technique is beneficial no matter whether you have thin and fine or dense and thick locks. A layered pixie looks voluminous and ample with a lot of movement and an effortless vibe. You can team up the cut with a blunt bang for a high contrast look. 

An Undercut Pixie Haircut

According to LoveHairStyles, an undercut haircut is among the most popular ways to add contrast and edge to your hair look. While a pixie haircut already seems pretty eye-catching, you are free to make it even more striking by accompanying it with an undercut. Along with an unbelievably intense appearance, you will also get a ton of styling opportunities. A messy and spiked up or slicked back and combed over, there are many ways you can shape up your hair on top. 

An Elongated Pixie Cut

In case you are not ready to commit to an overly short and bold haircut yet, then an elongated pixie is your way out. While it still retains the aesthetics of a classic version, it leaves much more hair on the back and sides as well as the top. What is more, as it seems a bit more reserved, you can rock it to the office with even quite strict dress code. For a more professional look, style it neat and sleek.  

A Curly Hair Pixie

If your locks are naturally curly, do not ruin their texture for the sake of a pixie haircut. On the contrary, enhance your curls with a styling product to give them a pronounced and defined appearance. In this way, you will not only end up with a unique and attention-grabbing haircut, but it will also keep your kinky locks tamed.
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A Messy Pixie

Styling a pixie is a real treat. With minimal effort, you can achieve a very impressive result. For a carefree and relaxed messy pixie cut, all you have to do is to scoop a tad of a hairstyling product, rub it between palms and work into your locks, disheveling them as you go. With some practice, this look is going to take you no more than a couple of minutes while leaving an admirable long-lasting impression on passersby.  

A Creative Pixie Haircut

Like any other haircut, a pixie is a perfect canvas for your creative endeavors. So, if you have some unique and unusual ideas on your mind, do not hesitate to implement them in your pixie. With an intricate hair design, flamboyant colors, outstanding styling, the variety of options is limitless. The only condition is that you should love the way it looks. As simple as that. 

We are pretty sure that once you go for a pixie cut, there is no way back. Short and simple at first sight, this is a kind of haircut you can easily make your signature. Besides, with the endless number of styles available, even the pickiest women will be able to find a pixie look to their taste.