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Chelsea will NOT penalize boss Frank Lampard for telling Jurgen Klopp to ‘f *** off’ on the sidelines

Chelsea will NOT punish boss Frank Lampard for telling Jurgen Klopp he must ‘f *** off’ in a heated sideline before calling Liverpool ‘arrogant’

Chelsea are reportedly not going to take action against manager Frank Lampard over his explosive sideline against Liverpool on Wednesday.

Images have appeared showing the moment the Chelsea boss lost his cool and exploded in a heated, dirty mouth with Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool bank, repeatedly telling his counterpart ‘f *** off’.

The confrontation came about after a Chelsea error that led to Liverpool’s second goal, but as first reported by The times, Chelsea will not be punished for his outburst towards Lampard.

Lampard saw red after a soft foul and told his counterpart Jurgen Klopp to 'f *** off'

Lampard saw red after a soft foul and told his counterpart Jurgen Klopp to ‘f *** off’

Lampard felt pressure behind Anfield after Naby Keita’s opener and saw the red mist descend when a soft error was given on the edge of the Chelsea area.

The Blues boss immediately started to boil over at the referee’s decision and responded immediately after hearing murmurs from the Liverpool portion of the dugout.

“How’s that a mistake? There is no offense there, ‘Lampard seemed to shout and took steps towards Liverpool boss Klopp before the fourth official intervened.

“Sit down,” you heard Lampard bark at the German before he became more angry as Klopp soothed with his outstretched arms.

Lampard then turned his attention to Liverpool’s number 2 Pep Lijnders, as Klopp slowly hears repeated: “calm down, calm down.”

“If he’s heading for me, I’ll say something,” Lampard answered sharply to Klopp, pointing an outstretched arm at the seated Lijnders.

The Chelsea manager could then be seen in the opposite direction, before turning around and getting involved again in a confrontation.

Lampard pointed to his own replacement’s bench and then returned to the Liverpool dugout. It looked like he was addressing Klopp’s assistant Lijnders directly.

“It’s not dirty, I’m not asking you!” Lampard barked, before Klopp could finally see himself losing control and shouting a high “hey” at the Chelsea man.

“You can only breed it,” Lampard seemed to say as the adrenaline pumped. “You think you can give it the big one, damn it.”

Officials quickly intervened between the two managers to get Lampard out of the situation, before saying Klopp his final words on the Liverpool bank: “Tell them to respect, sit down,” he added.