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Chelsea Handler is serving as a waitress at the Bruce Springsteen London concert: “What a Duck Show!”


Chelsea Handler took on a new (temporary) job over the weekend: bartending at a Bruce Springsteen concert in London’s Hyde Park.

The actress and comedian shared on Instagram on Sunday that she had stopped behind the bar at The Boss concert the night before to fix some drinks.

She posted a video of herself pouring a cocktail while dancing with Springsteen, who can be seen performing on huge monitors behind her and if you look closely, you can also see him on stage. She had also placed a mug that read, “Tips for Chelsea.”

“Last night I was a waitress on the Springsteen show and it felt amazing to be of service,” she wrote. “I love London, but no one is as adorable as Bruce Springsteen. What a dodge show!”

The post also included photos of Handler alongside other famous faces at the concert, including Springsteen bandmate Steven Van Zandt, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, John Kerry and Emma Thompson (who, Handler wrote in an Instagram Story, “ranked the joint”),

In his Story, he also posted a photo of Springsteen onstage with the caption “What a fucking stud.”

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