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ChatGPT as better Siri on iPhone & Co.: Shortcut makes it possible – WhatsNew2Day


ChatGPT in your pocket? No problem with a smartphone and browser. However, Apple fan Federico Viticci has now programmed a shortcutwhich makes it much easier to use on iPhone because you can use ChatGPT right from your home screen.

And best of all, it’s accessible to everyone.

What can S-GPT do?

S-GPT (stands for Shortcuts-GPT) takes advantage of Open AI’s developer API. The shortcut was built using the latest ChatGPT API, but can also be used with the existing ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 model.

Source: Federico Viticci

Source: Federico Viticci

Looking at Viticci’s screenshots, the integration with iOS seems to work flawlessly. In fact, the AI ​​pops up like a Siri notification. Will this make the language assistant superfluous?

Not quite.

S-GPT only supports text and no voice commands. There is no limit to how long the question to the AI ​​can be.

The shortcut works with ChatGPT like on a computer. The AI ​​remembers the conversation and can answer follow-up questions from the same session.

To use S-GPT, you need OpenAI’s pay-as-you-go model. This is due to the API Viticci used. The shortcut will not work without it.

You can control the following things via AI:

  • Safari Share Sheet: When you share a website with S-GPT, the AI ​​summarizes the content.
  • Clipboard: S-GPT will summarize or spell check the contents of a clipboard.
  • Calendar and Reminders: If desired, the AI ​​will tell you which days are going to be quite stressful.
  • Live text from photos: S-GPT can read it.
  • Safari URLs: The AI ​​searches and offers you URLs – and opens them if necessary.
  • Apple Music: S-GPT can create playlists according to your needs.

Source: Federico Viticci

Source: Federico Viticci

Apple doesn’t care about AI

While Windows supplements Bing with AI and Google has its own intelligence thanks to Bard, Cupertino has made no move to deal with the subject. That was also the reason why the developer tackled the project.

With S-GPT, I wanted to start building a bridge between ChatGPT and Apple’s OSes.

Federico Viticci

What Viticci has created is quite impressive. Apple should take a look at the shortcut to possibly catch up in the race with AI. Apparently, Viticci provided a good template.

A developer not only brings ChatGPT to iOS via shortcut, but also makes it an integral part of the operating system. Do you think you would benefit from an AI on the iPhone? Should Apple invest its resources in its own intelligence in order not to be left behind? Or is the manufacturer just trying to get started and is already quietly working on a solution? Tell us in the comments!

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