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“Chat GBT” receives an “acceptable” mark after examining the subject of philosophy in France


Chat GPT scored 11/20 while Enthoven scored 20/20. The two marks were given by the philosopher and author Eliet Abekasi, and the teacher Lev Frankel, known as “Cyriel Thinker” on TikTok.

Produced by ChatGBT. After he was trained to create a philosophical essay, a version of a philosophical topic obtained an “acceptable” degree within the baccalaureate in France, according to an experiment conducted Wednesday in Paris.

The question on which the program was based to produce an article was whether joy was a matter of rationality. ChatGBT was up against philosopher Raphael Enthoven as part of a “competition” organized by a school specializing in commerce and technology.

The philosopher and author Eliet Abekasi believed that the evaluation of the two versions shows from the first words the identity of the author of each article.

As for the teacher, Lev Frankel, he said: “There was no problem in the Chat GBT version (…) the article consists of very long sentences, there is no content and the reader does not understand the arguments (…) there are quotes to try to succeed.” .

Frankel added, “It is not philosophy at all. This subject does not mean writing beautiful sentences… The section in which the authors are referred to is very weak because it contains many errors.”

The organizer, the Paris School of Technology and Business, revised the question to include the classic forms of the essay on the programme. I also suggested on ChatGBT the names of writers who might use quotes.

The program selected Aristotle, Kant, Freud, Nietzsche and Camus, with vague and brief references. Bold ideas appeared in ChatGBT’s article, but since he was trained to be objective, he never addressed the issue.

In the conclusion of his topic, he said: “There is no universal answer, but rather a myriad of paths towards happiness (…), Happiness can be a matter of rationality… and more than that.” Enthoven believed that philosophers are among the people who are very unlikely to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

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