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Charting sea level from space

Video: Mapping Sea Levels from Space

Credit: ESA/AORI Films

Satellite images of our planet have become essential to our survival and offer a new perspective on our world. As the rising sea poses one of the greatest threats to society, satellite altimeter missions such as Copernicus Sentinel-6 are essential in monitoring global and regional sea level changes.

Unbeknownst to many, the island of Crete, Greece, plays an important role in the Copernicus satellite altimetry constellation and on an international stage. Satellite altimeter data must be continuously monitored in ESA’s Permanent Altimetry Calibration Facility, where several techniques have pioneered the use of transponders to provide the best measurements to validate satellite altimeters in space shortly after launch.

This documentary explains how measurements are taken from the top of the White Mountains to ensure users get the best sea elevation data from satellite altimeter.

Credit: ESA/AORI Films

Copernicus Sentinel-6 measures sea level using radar altimeter

Provided by European Space Agency

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