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Charles Barkley takes a swipe at both Democrats AND Republicans amid potential involvement in NIL

‘Our politicians are horrible people’: NBA legend Charles Barkley attacks both Democrats and Republicans as he rages at the suggestion that ‘criminals’ are involved in the new NIL framework

Charles Barkley didn’t back down, as he often does, criticizing the state of politics in America while discussing the future of Name, Image and Likeness in college sports.

During Thursday’s CBS broadcast of March Madness, Barkley fired at the country’s politicians, calling them “horrible people.”

He followed NCCA’s new president, Charlie Baker, speaking in the studio about wanting to regulate the money student-athletes earn in NIL deals.

The Rebounding Round Mound was initially started at the suggestion of Baker, the former governor of Massachusetts, that he would speak to lawmakers and potentially bring in politicians to provide a universal framework.

Charles Barkley opposed the suggestion by the new NCAA president to involve politicians in shaping new “transparency and accountability” mechanisms for NIL deals.

‘Did he say that we are going to ask the politicians to help us?’ Barkley asked the panel as he shook his head.

‘See, that already pisses me off. Our politicians are horrible people. In fact, I would prefer people who really care about basketball.

‘I would make a committee… get some coaches, get some players and let’s try to figure this out.

‘We cannot ask these politicians for anything. Those people are horrible people. Democrats and Republicans; they are all thieves.

Since 2021, the NCAA has allowed student athletes to earn money using their name, image and likeness, something that was previously illegal for those who came before them.

Baker hoped to make sure there were “consumer protections” soon and “create (greater) transparency and accountability” around the relatively new process.

The hope of the new president is that a ‘uniform standard contract’ for such agreements will be implemented in the near future.

Charlie Baker was announced as NCAA president last year, but took office this month.

Charlie Baker was announced as NCAA president last year, but took office this month.