<pre><pre>CHAOS traveling to London: Passengers trapped for THREE HOURS by train outside Victoria | United Kingdom | News

Trains to and from the busy station are severely delayed or canceled due to a 2.29 pm service failure at Beckenham Junction.

At 12.59pm, Southeastern Railway tweeted that the train had collapsed outside London Victoria, preventing trains from leaving platforms 3 to 8.

Almost 30 minutes later, the rail form said there was an auxiliary train on the way to help the affected train, which would join the broken train immediately.

Passengers were recommended to remain on the train, as it worked to take them to the station "very soon".

But at 3:21 p.m., Southeastern provided an update on Twitter and said the assistance train could not be "docked."

The passengers are currently being evacuated by coach.

The Southeast tweeted: "The assistant train could not stop, now we are in the process of evacuating the train coach in coach.

"Please follow the instructions of the staff so that everyone can get off the train safely."

At 3.51pm, the railroad company added: "Ticket acceptance is valid for Southeastern ticket holders on High Speed ​​services due to the constant interruption in #LondonVictoria to help you complete your trip at no additional cost."

The ongoing chaos has left many angry, with some caught in the broken train going to Twitter to express their anger.

One passenger said that even the toilets did not work.

@ lonebase23wrote: "We are only 50 meters away from where we left!

"I know it's not going to change what happened today, but there must be a better and faster way to get people out of the train, especially when the toilets do not work."

Later he added: "Come on, guys, there are enough of you here to solve this! Get us out of here please!

"Make us get off the train if you have too much, but 3 hours almost now and not closer anywhere!

At 4.09 pm, Southeastern posted a tweet informing passengers with more than 30 minutes of delay due to the interruption at London Victoria, who can claim online to recover the money.

The railway company had already confirmed this afternoon that engineering work is affecting trains on routes through Bromley South, WoolwichArsenal, PaddockWood and Deal.

Gatwick Express had also tweeted at 11.01 a.m. that its services could face delays of 30 minutes and possible cancellation due to a fault in the signaling system between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport.

At 1.58pm, he added that the interruption was over and the services were back to normal.