Changes that will Change Your Essay from Good to Great

Writing an essay is a challenging task, especially if you are looking for something above average. There are small differences that can take your essay from good to great. Let us share with you some tips that will make your essay one of the best essays in class.

Tips to Write Your Essay Better

If you are in a hurry and want to submit quality work to your professor, then hire services like which provides great essay writing services. All you have to do is let them know your topic and specifications given by your professor and wait for your essay to be delivered on time. In case you have time and are looking to write a compelling essay all on your own, then this blog is for you. We will shed light on some of the tips that will make your essay great.


If you are wondering how to write an essay better then remember that language plays the key role. It helps in distinguishing between a good essay and a great one. It is not just the choice of words or the vocabulary, but it is the sentence structures, placement of words, weaving the story, usage of grammar and writing style and tone that come into play. Your essay should convey the message in a compelling way. Instead of penning down your thoughts as is, it should be carefully laid down with the help of appropriate words, properly structured sentences and some detailing. 

A few simple sentences should be merged with compound ones. It should not disrupt what you have written, but help convey your message more clearly. Make sure you emphasize the argument and enhance your point of view through the natural flow of language. You can also use idiomatic phrases off and on. This way your essay will be more interesting and the reader will be compelled to go on reading.


Analysis involves going deep and analyzing the situation on your own. You should thoughtfully critique the essay and provide details and add complexities to the essay. The difference between a good analysis and a great one is the level of complexities you can add to the piece. When analyzing the essay you should add more supporting literature and arguments, explore all the angles and find suitable material on it.


The analysis should enhance the main idea and the purpose behind the topic. It should contribute to the narrative you are presenting, critiquing all aspects and validating your point of view through data, information and available sources. You can also change an essay’s entire outlook by focusing more on the analytical part. Your professor would be happy to see a well-researched piece.

A good analysis includes more data and information. You should also use information from a number of sources. 

Read More

For a well written essay you should go on reading more. Develop a thirst for knowledge. If the topic is a simple one, add layers of complexity by reading more on the subject. The more you read the better your understanding would be about the subject.

For great essay writing, take a piece of paper and pen. Start writing your heart out. Make sure to read articles, research papers and journals to grab the latest information on the subject. When you have everything you want, you can easily write the essay you like. Make sure to incorporate all the details you have figured out while reading about the topic. The more data-backed articles you would write, the more chances of getting a good grade you will have from your professor.

Develop a thirst for knowledge. Make sure to read whatever you find to increase your vocabulary. It will also help you use appropriate words and a better sentence structure.

When it comes to reading, keep the following in mind.

  • Read what you like;
  • Read slow;
  • Stay focused;
  • Try to read aloud;

Have your own Writing Style

It is important to write in your own particular style. Instead of paraphrasing from the internet, you should write the way you always do. Your article would be unique, original and have all the details you would want to incorporate. 

Present and articulate your thoughts in the best possible manner. When you write your heart out, you will always be original and authentic. Once you have read and gathered information from different sources, you can easily write down your ideas and thoughts. Every individual has a certain set of ideas and a peculiar writing style which is genuine and written from the heart. It inspires the reader and makes them want to write more.

If you are a newbie and haven’t developed good writing skills, then you should read more often. You will get new words and it will help increase your vocabulary. Moreover, it can increase your chances of writing a great essay. If you are wondering how to make my essay sound better, then you should work on your writing skills. Improve vocabulary, write words that reflect your true persona. Make your writing reflect your inner self. Keep writing nothing but the best. Ensure your writing showcases what you have read and gathered. The more you read, the better your writing will be. 


One of the best skills that can make or break your essay is how you organize and formulate your ideas onto the paper. If everything you write has no meaning or sense or is not connected to each other then it is clearly lacking organization.

What makes a good essay is how well you present your ideas. If you can’t make a connection from point A and B, then you can’t express your ideas clearly. Most students use a 5-paragraph essay format in which there is a basic introductory paragraph, succeeded by 3 or 4 body paragraphs. Each paragraph has a topic sentence and all paragraphs have transitionary sentences in between. The essay is rounded off with a concluding note that restates whatever is written in the above-mentioned paragraphs.

The way you organize paragraphs seems ok in the above-mentioned format, however, if you use transitional words appropriately you can easily convert an average essay into a great one.

Keep a formal tone, add more sentences that explain and make a connection between the different body paragraphs. The introductory and body paragraph should build a rapport and connection. The concluding note should be brief and restate everything you have explained in the above paragraphs.

We hope this blog will help you deliver one of the greatest essays you have ever written. Keep mentioning details wherever required. Keep your article brief, to the point but formal and end it on an interesting note.

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