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Certified Goodness: What Does B Corp Status Really Mean?

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Certified Goodness: What Does B Corp Status Really Mean?

Did you know that giffgaff is an old Scottish word meaning “mutual donation”? You thought it was a catchy made-up brand, right? Well, it turns out the business is giffgaff by name, giffgaff by nature. Now certified Company B, giffgaff is legally responsible for its impact on people and the planet, which is locked into the company’s DNA. In other words, he commits himself to “living up to good.”

Now you are nodding sagely. Yes, B Corp. Very good. But in fact, maybe not In fact Know what a B Corp is. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Here you will find everything you need to know…

Balancing profit with purpose
Achieving B Corp certification is not just about putting a green and eco-friendly label on your brand; It’s about much more than considering a company’s impact on the environment, although that is a factor. B Corp certification also takes into account how a company treats its customers, colleagues and the community at large, as well as how it manages its business.

It’s a rigorous process: a series of checks spanning internal assessment, external assessment and final verification, even delving into the supply chain and double-checking evidence that the company does what it says it does. Once a company has achieved B Corp certification, there is no room for complacency because it is tested every three years to ensure that it continues to meet standards or, better yet, exceed its previous score.

So what does this mean for giffgaff? How is the mobile network provider meeting the high standards set by B Lab Global, the certifying body?

Go further
For starters, giffgaff has an impressive market for refurbished phones. It is now one of the UK’s leading refurbished mobile networks and began selling them in 2016. It offers a range of refurbished phones from various brands, including Apple and Samsung, at prices to suit all budgets. You can choose the condition you’re happy with, from ‘like new’ to ‘good’, and all models come with at least 80% battery health and a minimum 12-month warranty. The consumer gets a good deal and electronic waste is reduced by expanding the use of old or unwanted phones.

The mobile phone network is also committed to recycling in other ways: the plastic used in its SIM cards comes from recycled material and it offers e-sims in compatible devices, integrating the card directly into the phones, which eliminates the need for a plastic physical. symbolism completely. The sim package is also made from recycled materialsusing sustainably sourced materials that are “kerbside recyclable”, meaning you can simply throw it into the regular paper recycling bin rather than wasting precious time on your local authority’s website trying to find out if recycling facilities Your city council will accept it or not.

Also Ship your phones with DPD, whose delivery bags are made from reclaimed material, which is also curbside recyclable; an example of how giffgaff’s B Corp certification is based not only on its own practices, but also those of its suppliers and partners.

Change starts at home
In 2022, Giffgaff’s head office operations were carbon neutral.based in Uxbridge that features solar panels and a habitable roof, rainwater harvesting, 58 bike storage spaces and 20 electric car charging points.

Employees – or “giffgaffers” – have flexible work options and can choose whether they want to work from the office, home or a hybrid model. For commuters, there are free breakfasts, while everyone can log in to virtual Hiit and yoga classes online. They also receive five days of paid volunteering each year and can flex their holiday dates to take advantage of the time off on a day that means something to them. Benefits that add to high scores on employee engagement surveys, contributing to giffgaff’s B Corp certification.

The refurbished phones are just the start: the company extensively uses recycled materials for packaging, while its headquarters are carbon neutral.

What does it mean for me and my mobile?
True, I hear you say, but why should I buy a phone from giffgaff, whether new or refurbished? How can I be sure that I will be treated better than with any other provider?

Well, first of all, giffgaff’s simulation plans are super flexible. Not only can you increase or decrease your data package whenever you need, but every month giffgaff will send you an email to let you know if you’re on the right plan based on your data usage, which is likely one of the reasons why it recently named the best pay-as-you-go network according to comparison site Uswitch.

Another advantage is the fact that customers are considered “members” of giffgaff and can join a community of people who support each other through their online forum. The community also often comes together to support various charities, and giffgaff matches donations. Your clients have already achieved great things; Since 2010, the giffgaff recovery program has donated over £1 million to various charitable causes, many of which have been chosen by its members. In 2023 alone, they raised over £85,000 for various good causes.

Oh, and giffgaff has also promised that there will be no mid-contract price increases on its contracts in 2024*, which means you will not receive any unpleasant surprises in terms of price increases.

It sounds too good to be true?
It does, doesn’t it? There is no “perfect company” and giffgaff does not pretend to be. He doesHowever, they claim to be “a better way of doing business” and their B Corp certification ensures that they meet those high standards, proving that there are ways of doing business that can deliver value for customers and also for society.

Choosing a cell phone provider can be a big commitment, whether you’re looking for reliable service, cutting-edge technology, or finding the best deal to meet your entire family’s needs. There are a wide variety of options on the market, so how do you know you are giving a portion of your monthly income to a company that cares about you as a customer?

In a world of green makeup, false promises and advertising hype, B Corp offers consumers knowledge, peace of mind and the power of choice. The high bar it sets points us to conscientious companies that take responsibility as they work to do what is right for people and the planet.

Giffgaff, which originally started in 2009 as a force for good in the mobile market, says that “kindness has always flowed through our veins.” Now you have the hard-earned certification to prove it.

From flexible SIM packages to their wide range of refurbished phones, discover more ways giffgaff is ‘doing good’ on giffgaff.com

*No mid-contract price increases on 18-month contracts purchased before the end of 2024. Exclusions, terms and fair use policy apply. See giffgaff.com/terms

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