Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Plans on Launching Online Casino Games

Casino games and sports betting are fun-filled. They attract a variety of clients including celebrities. While most celebrities love the idea of playing at their preferred casinos, some have embraced the idea of venturing into online casino games business. Chef Gordon Ramsey is a renowned chef of the popular TV program Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsey often volunteers and who plans on launching casino games. 

On the Look Out

Chef Gordon who is a group owner of the Hell’s Kitchen is looking at several online casino games and offerings based on the restaurants’ theme, as well as his franchise. The chef who is proud of owner of main restaurants has already applied for trademark protection with the Intellectual Property Office in the UK. He has won over 7 Michelin stars.  

In the application, there are different gaming products mentioned. This includes, leading betting games, casino games, gambling and computer video games. All these feature the Hell’s Kitchen theme. The theme will also include the celebrity’s franchise as well as an official website that hosts the games including online lottery and slot titles. The website will also allow gamers to access the games, gambling and related services from different online casino platforms similar to those outlined here. The chef applied for registration of these games as his and protection of the same. 

Passionate for the Game

chef gordon

The TV personality, a renowned 53yr old chef, has shown interest in casino and gambling games for a long time. He is passionate about gambling and has Hell’s Kitchen restaurant located near the Las Vegas, Caesars Hotel in Nevada. This is a top-rated and popular high-end eatery location with a classic setting. The restaurant owned by the Gordon Ramsay Group hosts over 300 diners every single day. 

The group owns several trades in Las Vegas, and it is expected to expand its restaurant or franchise burger chains across the U.S. This is a major comeback for the celebrity who almost ran bankrupt in 2018. Last year, the Ramsay group managed to run successful and profitable operations that enabled it to recover from the losses. It managed to post a profit of more than 500,000 pounds. 

If Chef Gordon manages to launch the games, a Hell’s Kitchen themed casino games, he will be joining a list of other celebrities who launched casino games in the past. This includes the late Michael Jackson, who was celebrated globally for his unique music. The other celebrities who have ventured into branded gambling include, Elvis Presley, Jockey and horse lover Frankie Detorri who has a branded game on his top seven winnings in Royal Ascot afternoon in 1996 and Frank Sinatra. 

Today, branded games and online slots or casino games have become increasingly popular. The offerings including other bucks attract players from different parts of the world. With new and exciting features being launched every year, the celebrity inspired games offer a more realistic experience. In some instances, players brush shoulders with the celebrities as they play. This brings more passion to the games. Many celebrities applying for branded games could choose to use or partner with NetEnt, Blueprint Gaming and Microgaming among other developers to launch the games. 

For Chef Gordon, he is well established. What’s more, his brand is well known. Therefore, it is not yet clear whether he will partner with such developers or not. Even though Gordon Ramsay, has however not mentioned anything regarding the plans on any of his social media platforms. This means the official date of the launch is still unknown to the public. 

It is also unclear what form the launch will take. However, the well celebrated and popular name in the culinary circle is making a major step in the casino industry. He grew his profile in culinary and for him to venture into online games, more of his fans including Canadian players will have an incredible opportunity to enjoy kitchen-themed slots and gambling experience like no other sooner than they could imagine. This is because Chef Gordon Ramsay is a professional with high standards.