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Ceiling Replacement Vs Repairs

Are you worried about repairing or replacing your ceiling in Sydney? Of course, you would be inquisitive about the associated costs.

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With time, wear and tear are normal in ceilings that sometimes pose risks of serious accidents. The question that arises here is the extent of the damage, and whether you need to go for repair or a complete replacement.


Once you reach out to an expert in the field, you can get an estimate. Sometimes, a simple crack on the ceiling can be a graver problem than what appears to the eye. Generally, these damages happen due to water damage leading to pests, sagging, ceiling damage, or sometimes collapse. If you live in a rented apartment, then getting a repair done will do the job. However, if it is your own house and you want to stay for longer here, get to the root of the problem and if necessary, get the ceiling replacement done.


Which is better- Ceiling Replacement or Ceiling Repair?


  • Sometimes getting your ceiling replaced can be much cheaper than repairing it.
  • If your ceiling has some major issue, then ceiling repair takes more time than replacement.
  • Ceiling repair will fix the problem but it will not add any changes to your ceiling’s outward look. However, with replacement, you can add a fresh look to your house once more.
  • Ceiling replacement allows you to have a deeper look into the structural condition of the house. This might help in fixing other relatable problems like lighting, ventilation, or wiring. This does not happen if you decide to settle if you are thinking to hire Sydney’s ceiling repair near me.
  • Ceiling replacement solves your problem for a longer duration. It is a type of permanent solution, which infuses a new look to your home. Repairs are a temporary solution and the same problem might come back to bother you.
  • Ceiling replacement has a warranty while repairs do not.
  • Ceiling replacement gives you peace of mind, as you know that the problem has been rooted completely. Repairs, on the other hand, are superficial solutions that do not provide satisfaction always.


How much does it cost to install a Gyprock ceiling?


In case your ceiling has suffered adverse damage and you want a replacement or want new plasterboard called Gyprock for ceiling, you might have to pay around $25-$60 for each square meter. For a standard size bedroom, the expected price might go up to $1,200-$2,500. Therefore, you can very well calculate that a three-bedroom flat with a passage will cost you around $3,000-$10,000.


How much does a ceiling replacement cost?


The type of repair you expect in your ceiling would largely drive the cost. You can pay around $70-$130 for a square meter, given that removing the old ceiling and installing a new one involves more cost. Nowadays, people prefer a false ceiling or suspended ceiling that will simply cover up the damaged one and there will be no requirement to tear it down and then build a new one. This type of ceiling will cost you around $70 to $130 for each square foot. The corresponding amount for a three-bedroom home in Australia would range between $3,000 to $6,000.


In Sydney, ceiling repairs are more common than replacement. When damage is not major, repairs are less costly. The leading professionals seamlessly blend the repairs, leaving almost zero traces of any damage. Various factors determine the cost of repair, ranging from minor to major repairs needed. Before investing in the repair or renovation, make sure to consult an expert regarding the most viable option and the associated costs.


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