CBD Strains Guide – Everything You Should Know

Cannabidiol stains also abbreviated as CBD strains are among the other sixty cannabinoids found in cannabis. Alongside CBD is the most common all tetrahydrocannabinol stains. (THC). However, THC and CBD are most discussed cannabinoids in cannabis there other, who are present in very low amounts which to some extent cannot be detected. The cannabinoids have been estimated to be between sixty and one hundred and thirteen in the exact number. The article is more specific to the cannabidiol stains.

Briefly, CBD, unlike its sister THC, are not known for causing highness. Although it interacts with the cannabinoid receptor found in the brain. It is not accurate for one to term it non-psychoactive but also, CBD cannot initiate the sense of euphoria which is the best feature THC is known for.
CBD can be derived from either hemp or marijuana to which are all the same. Some other strains of cannabis produce a much higher percentage of THC when compared to CBD. The 2018 farm bill concluded that hemp-derived CBD contains at least 0.3 percent or fewer THC stains content.

There is a common mistake made between the CBD oil and hemp oil where most people use interchangeably. Both stains are found from hemp but that does not qualify them to be the same. CBD is produced at most times flowers or buds. Hemp seed oil is solely derived from the seeds of the main plant and does not contain any cannabinoids.
CBD stains regardless of its popularity cannot perfectly on its own; it depends on other cannabinoids for its effectualness. The concept to which CBD is not fully independent is known as the entourage effect. The effect gives the reason for the popularity associated with the spectrum CBD oil over most of all other CBD stains.

The following are some of the CBD common stains.


Harlequin is one of the most common stains found in CBD which contains a ratio of 5:2 of CBD and THC respectively. The property found in the stains makes it accountable for the psychoactive behavior of the THC. Surprisingly, harlequin has earned the CBD strains cannabis awards in either bud or the concentrated type. CBD oil has as one of the natural substances has been described as healthy for human consumption. Also to the advantages of harlequin, it can be consumed or rather used in different ways which offer a considerable rate of health benefits to the user. Harlequin, again to its advantages provides 75/25 Sativa dominant strain which is popular for its reliability in CBD. However, harlequin is descended from various strains among the

Colombian gold, a Nepal India, Thai and Swiss landrace strains. Among its numerous pros, harlequin provides clear head rather alert Sativa effects. They are also found in a preroll which boosts convenience an advantage from other major CBD strains.
As earlier discussed, harlequin is parented by the Swiss Sativa and Thai which also produces the other two strains which are; quin-N- tonic and dr. feel good.
When discussing harlequin, it’s necessary to discuss how the plant grows in a general description. It is easy to grow harlequin which grows over 78 inches in height and can yield from 3-6 (Oz/Ft)2. Harlequin flowers in 7 and 9 weeks.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s gift is among the most common and complex stains associated with wealthy backgrounds. However, though complex, there are no known breeders of Ringo’s gift. From its name, it is named after CBD pioneer and a cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo. The modern scientist has concluded that Ringo’s gift is parented by ACDC and harle-tsu which are known for their benefits. They blend well in flower, oil or in shatter form.

The effectiveness of this type of stain is excessive and may be way out of the users’ expectations. It contains only 1% of THC while gives CBD the allowance to amount in ease. The strain numbers can vary because of there several phenotypes of the same plant available. Physically, Ringo’s gift can be described as airy and light buds that exhibit green and bright orange pistils. For usage, the strains are minted to allow it to dance in the tongue and the environment around enabling a classic and fresh experience.

Among its various advantages, the strain provides mental focus and energy accompanied by relaxation. It boosts the mood which favors socialization at the high. Allowing friends making is encouraged, unlike unnecessary dramas.
Ringo’s gift strain is good and favorable for the medical cannabis user. In medical institutions, Ringo’s gift is used in inflammation and body pain reliever. The cannabinoids found in the strain are enhanced when Ringo’s gift is administered. After the administration of the strain in the human body, the likes of anxiety, stress, and depression are excluded completely. Apart from other types of stains, Ringo’s gift can be recommended for normal daily use.
In conclusion, Ringo’s gift strain seeds are not found easily and remain to be an industry secret. However, even though it is not commonly breeder,.It can be easily found all over the United States. For those experiencing pain and afraid of marijuana, the Ringo’s gift can be your savior.

Sweet and sour widow

It is cannabis dominated 70/30 by India. It contains a ratio of 1:1 CBD and THC with a nice sweet onion scent. Because of its balanced cannabinoid concentration, the sweet and sour widow has been associated with mild a psychoactive effect which makes it suitable for patient s and users who would like to meditate clearly without being foggy. Sweet and sour widow strain is a descendant of white widow genetics and another Sativa- hybrid to decorate its CBD profile.
Usually, a sweet and sour widow is proved to be perfect for those willing to beginning and more it by more favorable for the experienced fellows. It circulates about 8% of THC which reflects the same amount CBD. It is favored because of its flavors and sweet onion smell. Found in a wet substance and woody which takes part in its complex character.

Apart from its favorable and sweetness, sweet and sour widow cannot be favorable growing at home since it’s disappointing. It’s accompanied by a lot of challenges which renders difficult. It has a high procedure of taking care which is sure most of the farmers will not adhere or dislike following to provide it as recommended.
Lastly, worth noting, for the individuals going through pain every day may have found their answer and comforter. It is not only for medical relief but also used in recreational purposes.

Stephen hawking kush

As the name suggests, named after dr. Stephen hawking. Stephen Hawking Kush (SHK) raked by the alphakronik genes as the second when it comes to mind release. Like other seeds, Stephen hawking Kush had parents. It was invented after harle-Tsu was mated with sin city Kush. The strain unlike sweet and sour widow, which is a 70/30 indica dominant; Stephen Hawking Kush is a hybrid and a dominant in Alphakrokik genes found in the CBD+ hierarchy of genetics which stresses on high-CBD strains. However, Stephen hawking kush has three phenotypes that characterize cherry and berry flavors. Stephen hawking kush like many other CBD strains are well known for pain relaxing and where the strain is more specific to soothing pain. To its advantages, Stephenhawking’s Kush A stimulates or rather prompt the berry from suppressing nausea.


It is a Sativa dominant phenotype with a remarkably high CBD cannabis strain. Among its vivid characteristics, ACDC, contain a high CBD and THC ratio. ACDC apart from other known strains reduces small amounts of pains to no effects at all. ACDC helps its patients to reduce or eliminate the experiences of pain, anxiety, epilepsy, several types associated with sclerosis disease, negative effects experienced in chemotherapy and lastly, it helps avoid foggy minds.


It can also work as a sedative as its name suggests. Cannatonic strain has an occasionally range between 5:1 and 1:1 of CBD and THC. its cannabinoids profile provides the users a chance to use it as medicine and for pleasure. Recognized as mild strain.


Harle-Tsu has been recognized as a parent to most of the CBD strains and a product first introduced by Lawrence Ringo. Unlike other strains, Harle-Tsu is classified as a more functional CBD. In collaboration with the harlequin and sour tsunami, the strain achieves its desired functions without rendering the user into more seduction.


Other strains that provide are more balanced cannabinoids which come with a variety of appealing scents. Inclusive of the citrus and sweet earth, the strain provides enthusiasm in the CBD complex flavor and different types of enjoyment.

Sour tsunami

Sour tsunami gained its fame for being the first of all the cannabinoids to be created with a larger CBD than THC contents. Its purpose is to find a pain reliever and inflammation that does not relate to a high amount of THC. Lawrence Ringo again was the founder of the sour tsunami. He tirelessly spends four years of crossing the seeds of sour diesel and NYC diesel. It is Sativa dominant hybrid phenotypes that grow within 9 weeks. Produces physically dark green bud and purple and dark green leaves. by using the strain, feeling of relaxation are at par, reduces pain.