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Apple Watch SE 2: what we want to see

The Apple Watch SE was something new for Apple, offering buyers an affordable alternative to Apple Watch 6. As the name suggests, it wanted to do for wearables what the iPhone SE (2020) did for phones, and it largely succeeded. In fact,…

AI is on the verge of mastering the creative arts

Is there a formula for quality content? The writer in me wants to scoff at the question, but another part is ready to admit there may be such a thing as a mathematically immaculate sentence.Software driven by artificial intelligence (AI)…

pfSense adds WireGuard VPN to its platform

After being one of the most requested features for pfSense, Netgate announced that WireGuard support is coming to the popular open source software for firewalls, VPNs and routers.The development of a kernel-resident implementation of the…