Casey Affleck (47), and Caylee Cowan (24) have a Thanksgiving Day row

Caylee Cowan (24-year-old girlfriend of Casey Affleck) and Caylee Cowan (47-year-old boyfriend), have been seen arguing on the streets of New York City on Thanksgiving Day. The actress was seen in tears during heated exchanges

  • Cowan was first introduced to the actor by Cowan in January 2021. They began dating later that year. 
  • He From 2006 to 2017, was previously married with Summer Phoenix
  •  They have two sons, Indiana, 18 and Atticus 14, respectively.

Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck were seen arguing in the streets on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

Oscar winner Caylee, who was 24, and his Oscar-winning actress partner, 47, looked nervous as they exchanged words while they walked, with Caylee looking tearful. 

Casey was seen walking towards his girlfriend while he talked to her, gesturing animatedly.

He Caylee looked sad as he called out to him. His partner was sobbing as he walked behind her. 

What’s happened? Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck were seen arguing in the streets on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. reached out to Caylee Cowan and Casey Affleck for comments. 

Cowan first met the actor in January 2021. The two began to date later that year.

He He was previously married to Summer Phoenix, 2006-2017, and the former couple have two sons, Indiana, 18 and Atticus 14. 

A post was shared by the performer to commemorate one year of friendship with his girlfriend in January 2022.

He Also, he wrote a lengthy message that discussed different aspects of his marriage with his partner.

Tears: The Oscar Winner, 47, And His Actress Partner, 24, Looked Tense As They Exchanged Words While Walking, With Caylee Looking Tearful During The Incident

Tears: The Oscar winner, 47, and his actress partner, 24, looked tense as they exchanged words while walking, with Caylee looking tearful during the incident

Days Earlier: The Couple Were Seen Packing On The Pda On November 3 At The  2022 Amfar Gala Los Angeles At Pacific Design Center

Days earlier: The couple were seen packing on the PDA on November 3 at the  2022 amfAR Gala Los Angeles at Pacific Design Center

Tense: Casey Walked Ahead Of His Partner As They Spoke  To One Another

Tense: Casey walked ahead of his partner as they spoke  to one another

Tears: He Looked Somber As Caylee Called Out To Him, With His Partner Appearing To Sob As She Walked A Way Behind Him

Tears: He Caylee sounded sober, his partner sobbing as she walked by him

Affleck’s message began with: “On our first date you carried firewood up and built a fire. You gave me a low-eyelid look that was so strong, I had to kneel for a moment.”

He Continued: “We have been through a lot ups, downs this year but how I feel about your has only moved in one direction.”

Cowan was described by the performer as “a deeply and tender woman with more girl geem than any person I have ever met.”

Affleck ended his statement with the following: I don’t know what I did that I deserved you. But I am determined to find it and continue doing it forever. You have a special place within my heart, even though it beats. I hope you’ll stay there.

Emotion: Caylee Looked Devastated As He Walked Behind Her Boyfriend

Emotion: Caylee was distraught as she walked behind her boyfriend

Stony Faced: Casey Looked Tense As He Walked Ahead Of His Girlfriend

Row: Casey Walked Ahead Of Caylee In The Street

Face of Stony: Casey seemed nervous as he walked in front of his girlfriend

Drama: It Is Not Known What The Couple Were Rowing About

Drama: The couple may have been rowing over something else.

Affleck will next be seen in Dreamin’ Wild with Zooey Deschanel, Walton Goggins and Beau Bridges, which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in September but doesn’t have a theatrical release in place yet.

He Also stars in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, which is due to be released on July 21, 2023.

Cowan will next be seen as Spinning in the upcoming movies Gold Holiday Twist and Running To Stand Still are her first directorial projects. 

In The Past: Affleck And Cowan Were Connected When They Met For The First Time In January Of Last Year

In the past: Affleck and Cowan were connected when they met for the first time in January of last year

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