Casetify works together with BTS for a new accessories line

Casetify is known for collaboration with popular brands and artists such as Pokémon and Lisa Frank to make cases for personal devices, and that now also applies to the popular K-pop supergroup, BTS.


The announcement comes just a few weeks after the band launched a pop-up event in Seoul, South Korea, called "House of BTS." The Casetify collection contains merchandise that shows images of the most recent EP from BTS, Map of the Soul: Persona. More specifically, the line will contain images of the band's single, "Boy with Luv." Each accessory comes with an adaptation to the "stage front" and "backstage", according to Casetify. They can be seen below.

Designs end up on cases and accessories that are compatible with the iPhone, Samsung devices, AirPods, Apple Watches, MacBooks and iPads. Items start at $ 25, but the price depends on the product.

Casetify previously launched one Pokémon line that sold out fairly quickly. There were a few restocks after the first launch, but Casetify cases can go fast. Because BTS is also one of the most popular bands in the world – if not the most popular – it is likely that they will also be sold out fairly quickly.

Casetify has launched a waiting list that people can sign up for today. The collection is for sale on November 19.