Casanova was a secret medical expert who often helped women with their health problems


Much of what we know about Casanova comes from his memoirs, Histoire De Ma Vie (pictured)

Much of what we know about Casanova comes from his memoirs, Histoire De Ma Vie (pictured)

Born in Venice in 1725 and fired as a sickly idiot for the first eight years of his life.

He defied his parents’ lack of expectation in him and rose to become an intellectual man.

Destined for a high-flying career in the Church in his youth, Casanova gave up on becoming a soldier, gambler, adventurer, businessman, author, and conman – and above all, to pursue the fairer sex.

He had lost his virginity at the age of 16 in the arms of two sisters who, far from being reluctant to be seduced, threw themselves upon him.

He was just under six feet tall and is believed to have been an attractive man, with dark skin and a mane of dark curls.

In bed, he made sure that the women he made love had as much pleasure as he did, claiming that four-fifths of their pleasure was his.

More than two centuries after Casanova’s death, his name is still synonymous with every playboy womanizer.

He was the eldest of six children by a widowed woman in her mid-twenties who struggled to cope with her growing family.

He was sent to the city of Padua on his ninth birthday and never lived with his mother again.

It is said that his issues of abandonment sprang from this and laid the foundation for his womanizing ways.

He was then left heartbroken by his first love, a nun known only as MM, as Casanova called her in Histoire De Ma Vie, the memoir he wrote during his poverty-stricken old age.

Casanova fell deeply in love with M. M and became her devoted slave for two years. She, on the other hand, always put the needs of the other lover, the French ambassador François de Bernis, above his.

She would even persuade Casanova to set up sexual fireworks for the benefit of the voyeur.

Desperate for love but unable to accept it when presented to him on a plate, he proved a gentle touch to manipulative women. Money flowed through his generous fingers into their open palms.

Trapped in poverty, he spent his last 13 years as a librarian in a remote corner of Bohemia.

He had lost everything because of his desire for women’s approval: his money, his independence, his freedom to roam, and even his looks.