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Careful picking up your balls, chaps: Boy, 16, loses his TESTICLE after bending down to grab one


A teenager’s testicles are swept inside his body after bending over to grab a golf ball in an eye-watering medical condition

A teenager sent one of his testicles into his body as he bent down to catch a golf ball.

The 16-year-old, from Utah, developed sudden groin pain after “leaning to retrieve a golf ball” on the green.

After a quick examination, it was noticed that his left testicle was missing and he sought medical help immediately.

Paramedics eventually discovered that the unidentified boy’s testicle had retracted much higher than normal and had stabilized.

They said this was due to an unusual aspect of the boy’s biology, which he carried from birth.

Talk about a hole in one! The junior golfer’s unusual biology meant bending down to catch a ball and seeing one of his testicles stuck in a narrow space inside his stomach

Surgeons in Salt Lake City, who shared the exciting story in the journal Urology case reportsHe revealed that he had been given pain medication while they explored exactly where his testicles had gone.

During interrogation, the boy denied any traumatic injury to the thigh.

However, he reported the sudden pain he experienced upon picking up a golf ball to the paramedics.

Doctors ran a CT scan of his lower abdomen and found his left testicle was intact, but definitely not where it was supposed to be — hidden up a canal running from his scrotum.

After checking the boy’s medical history, they discovered that he had a retractable left testicle at the age of 11.

Retractile describes testicles that do not permanently descend into the scrotum as they normally do after puberty.

Instead, they are more mobile to climb higher in the body than normal.

Medics performed keyhole surgery in the area to see if they could return the testicle to its location.

They then confirmed that the boy had a condition called patent vaginitis, which he contracted in the womb.

As the baby grows in the womb, the testicles begin to grow inside the abdomen before descending to normal position lower.

The area where the testicles originally developed is usually closed off.

But sometimes it does not, and an internal connection is formed between this area and the scrotum, a formation called the patent process vaginalis.

In the boy’s case, his patent vaginal process formed only on his left side, with the right side closing normally.

That provided the inner pocket of his left testicle, in theory, as he bent down to catch a golf ball.

The surgeons then used small surgical tools to give the testicle a “big push” to push it out and slide it back into the scrotum.

Note that the testicle appeared intact.

The team of doctors later surgically ‘attached’ his testicle to the scrotum using sutures.

Seven months after the surgery, the boy reported that both of his testicles remained inside the scrotum and that he had not experienced any complications from the operation.

While the condition is theoretically caused by the boy’s retractable testicle and patent process in the vagina, doctors don’t know how his injury occurred from simply bending over to catch a golf ball that was “unclear.”

The case report did not say when exactly the case occurred.

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