Cardi B DELETES tweet saying ‘We need police and those are facts’ after being hit online


Rapper Cardi B’s tweet opposing the ‘Defund the Police’ movement drew online scorn and forced her to take it down.

On Thursday afternoon, the rapper chose to respond to a tweet that read “ Defund the Police, ” a response to several police-involved shootings in the news.

“That’s wrong,” Cardi B replied. “We need police and those are facts, we just need strict laws for cops. If you shot someone, like civilians, you will go to jail that same day, be charged, wait for bail and go to court. Then you think twice about shooting someone. ‘

The user she responded to chose to reply to Cardi B’s tweet, noting that her understanding of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement was incorrect.

Cardi B was criticized online after posting a tweet criticizing the 'Defund the Police' movement

Cardi B was criticized online after posting a tweet criticizing the ‘Defund the Police’ movement

The user tweeted: ‘Cardi. Defund the police DOES NOT ABOLISH the police. It means that all money from the police must be transferred to local municipalities. To social workers. Housing, education, employment, mental health and youth care. Do not send military weapons used in war to the police. ‘

Other users on Twitter were quick to recommend Cardi B.

Um Cardi B thinks she’s slick her ax [sic] always said: defend the police up to [sic] she was called to say so and she’s walking with bodyguards, ”said a user.

Other people on Twitter came to defend the rapper.

One user said, “I would like to see cardi b use common sense on this issue.”

Nevertheless, within a few hours, Cardi B’s tweet was removed, Page six reports.

Cardi B also posted a message with a more anti-police angle after the shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

She tweeted: ‘That video of that 13 year old falling on his a ** after being shot by a cop is so sick, sad and disgusting. I am so tired of police brutality and justice. We are sooo tired. When will it end? Like it [sic] this s *** is getting too much. It’s really traumatizing. ‘

That message remains on her Twitter account.

Cardi B has been outspoken on police brutality issues in the past and supports the Black Lives Matter movement, alongside Bernie Sanders.

A day before posting her deleted tweet, she posted a video calling out Republicans.

‘We saw a young man killed by a cop, unarmed, and the excuse was the officer who had been on duty for over twenty years was mistaken [sic] a gun for a taser, ”said Cardi B in the video.

And my thing is, where the fuck are you guys Twitter blue-check Republicans in? You guys are the loudest on this motherfuckers app.

‘You don’t say anything, you don’t complain, you blame everything for what’s wrong in America, besides the police. You have all been very quiet! What is happening?’

The response on Twitter to Cardi B's post has been mixed

The response on Twitter to Cardi B’s post has been mixed

Cardi B also posted a video to Twitter in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, expressing his support for the protests.

Cardi B said, ‘When I saw people looting and getting extremely enraged, I got the feeling,’ Yes! And last but not least! Finally m ***** f ***** s will hear us now. Yes!”

“I feel like I’ve been making videos against police brutality, I feel like this is my seventh time,” added Cardi B.

The ‘Defund the Police’ movement has gained new steam in recent days after several high-profile police shootings.

On Sunday, Daunte Wright, 20, was shot dead when a Brooklyn Center police officer appeared to accidentally fire her gun during a traffic stop, in place of her Taser.

On March 29, 13-year-old Adam Toledo was shot and murdered by a Chicago police officer, with the bodycam footage provoking outrage at Thursday’s release.

In addition, the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd is coming to an end, with closing arguments for Monday.

The ‘Defund the Police’ movement focuses on reallocating local police resources to other parts of a community, such as social services.

“Get rid of the police”, meanwhile, is a phrase that indicates that the current police system will be completely abolished and new community procedures for security introduced.