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Car for the holidays: classic rental or car sharing?


How to choose transport for your needs quickly? It all depends on the request. It can be a need for Miami car rentals under 21 and delivery of cargo from another city. Let’s focus on the car for your day off and exactly how to rent it.

Of course, the choice of a car depends on where you are going. Therefore, it is very convenient to take a rental car, because today you can go on a cheap small car, and tomorrow take a reliable SUV.

Select car for holidays

If you decided to go on vacation in a small company, and you have a limited budget for transportation costs, then you can choose a car of the “economy” class. This segment includes small cars that are ideal for urban travel or short journeys on the highway. Cars are comfortable enough to travel if you go no more than 4 people.

If, however, you want to go on a long trip through the regions, or your company has 4-5 adults, it would be best to pick a car of the “off-road” class. SUVs are characterized by large size, reliability and increased stability on bad roads, and even off-road. High ground clearance and all-wheel drive will give the maximum advantage for trips to mountainous regions or fields.

For family vacations and a large company of 6-8 people, you can rent a roomy minivan. Its dimensions and technical characteristics allow feeling spacious, even with eight people, and easy operation and large luggage complements your vacation with pleasant emotions.

And for a short walk in the summer, you can treat yourself to a convertible. Good mood and great pictures will be provided.

As you see, for any holiday, it is easy to find a rental car. So do not give up traveling just because you do not have your own car. Now let’s move on to the type of car rental. How will it be more convenient for you?

The difference between classic rentals and carsharing

Carsharing is a short-term car rental service, meaning that you do not need to rent a car for a day or more.

With carsharing you can rent a car for a few hours or even minutes, for example, to go to your parents, to catch an important meeting or to bring heavy bags from the store. And if you need the car for a few days, then the classic car rental may be more profitable.

Another feature of the car sharing is the maximum automation of processes. All you need to rent a car is to register in the application, upload the necessary documents and bind the payment card. No trips to the office, no conversations with the operator, and no paper copies.

Classic rental involves ordering a car on the site or by phone, providing copies of documents and signing a rental agreement. However, there is no need to link the card. And here you should choose what is more convenient for you.

An influential difference between carsharing rentals from the classic is the territory in which the car is used. Carsharing is valid only in certain cities in some countries and does not provide for the movement between them. While the classic does not limit the territory of your trips, and you can travel throughout the country.

Also, there is a difference in fuel supply. If you rent a car from a classic car rental company, you have to fill the fuel yourself at your own expense. And you should be prepared for the fact that the car may be provided with a half-empty tank.

Carngo notes that carsharing can include fuel in the rental price. In addition, in the application can watch the amount of fuel in the tank for each car. This provides significant advantages, if, for example, you do not want to bother at the gas station than to fill up the car, how to open the gas tank, or just do not have time to do it. You chose a car, made sure you have enough gasoline for the trip, and go without unnecessary thoughts on business.


Availability and peculiarity of types of rentals

It is necessary to tell about a difference in procedure of the termination of rent. A classic rental in Carngo provides a return of the car to the point of issue, that is, you return the car to where you took it.

Carsharing offers a more flexible way to return the car: you leave it in the rental completion zones, which can be found in the application, and, as a rule, they are scattered throughout the territory where the service operates. For example, you can pick up a car at Miami Airport and return it on the outskirts.

The last significant difference between the usual for us rental and carsharing service is the availability of the car. The classic car rental usually has a daytime schedule, which excludes the possibility of taking the car at night. But situations are different, and if you still need to make a night trip, carsharing will help you with this. Thanks to the full autonomy, you have round the clock access to all the cars of this service. Plus, carsharing can make advantageous overnight rates. As a bonus to this option, you’ll also have 24-hour service support.

Considering all the features of both rental services, as a conclusion, we can highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pros and cons of classic rentals and carsharing

Advantages of classic rentals

  • It is possible to move around the country.
  • When renting from several days, the rates can be more profitable than carsharing.
  • No need to link a payment card.

Disadvantages of classic rentals

  • The car can be picked up and returned only at the pickup point.
  • You need to spend time visiting the office and signing the papers.
  • It is necessary to fill up the car yourself.

Advantages of carsharing

  • Leasing is available round the clock.
  • It is possible to rent a car from a few minutes.
  • No need to fill up.
  • It is convenient to return the car after the rental is over.

Disadvantages of carsharing

  • Renting is possible only with a constant Internet connection.
  • Obligatory binding of a payment card.
  • Limited movement within the city or country.


So, taking into account a detailed analysis of all the features of rental services, you can choose the most convenient way of renting a car, as well as to reserve a car favorably depending on the purpose and goal of your trips.

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