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Capcom is asking about the next Resident Evil game you want! | -WhatsNew2Day


With the success of the latest Resident Evil remake, many fans of the series are wondering about the future of the series, and whether Capcom has something up its sleeve. Where the company asked the expected question, by placing a survey of the opinions of its ambassadors around the world on a series Resident Evilas it was posted online by the company.

Capcom wanted to know how long each player spent answering the questions beside, and wanting to communicate more with other fans of the RE series, but in the end the most important question was, “Tell us if there are any other Resident Evil games you want to get a remake of?” “.

The site gives you a blank text box to fill in with whatever you want and won’t limit you with any options, in fact we expect Resident Evil: Code Veronica to be the most popular answer among fans.

The title Resident Evil: Code Veronica is a company capcom well-known, and fans of the series wish to obtain a “Remake” copy of it after the fourth remake was released, So we expect it to get the most votes in Capcom’s poll of course, unless the company knows what it’s going to do about it.

Many players believe that the next remake of the series will be the fifth part, RE 5, but it appears that the majority prefer to make a remake of the game Resident Evil: Code Veronica using the RE Engine, which showed unique capabilities and capabilities, as this question was asked to Resident Evil fans in the form of a survey It was shown earlier through ResetEra community.

She is the voice actress and performer of the role of Claire Redfield, one of the icons of the horror series Stephanie Panicello, Was she among the people who added their voice with the players in order to work on the Code Veronica remake?

We also expect that the ninth part of the series has begun its development process at the present time, especially since Capcom used to release a remake and then a sequel to the main series in a row.

But share with us in the comments section below about which part you will choose to release as a remake in the future?

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