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Canon may have its own photo accessories for smartphones in the making

A patent discovered by the Japanese website Design watch indicates that Canon may want to diversify in the world of smartphone photography. The patent describes an idea for a telephone camera attachment and provides 3D renderings for the product, indicating that it may be a production-ready item.

According to the details published by Design Watch, the patent is not new as it was filed in 2019 and granted in September 2020. However, it is more proof that Canon is looking beyond its traditional camera and printer ranges when it comes to new products.

The smartphone lens mount design follows in the footsteps of Canon’s small Ivy Rec and PowerShot Zoom monocular cameras – both of which are crowdfunded – and is nothing like a conventional smartphone camera setup.

Canon smartphone lens

(Image credit: Canon / Design Watch)

Where most smartphone lens mounts snap onto the camera array, it appears to have a clip in the center that unfolds, leaving the lenses out of alignment with the device’s camera.