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Cannes: ‘Iron Sky’ Director Timo Vuorensola Prepares Dark Comedy Action Thriller ‘Killtown’ (Exclusive)


From Nazis on the moon to a small town populated solely by murderers.

Timo Vuorensola, the Finnish director behind 2012’s cult favorite Iron air (which spawned two sequels) is preparing a new movie with a somewhat daring concept, The Hollywood Reporter can reveal.

Killtown, which is introduced to the market by Brilliant Pictures, sees him leave the world of the Third Reich and embark on space travel and move to tiny America instead. The fast paced and darkly comedic action thriller follows the story of an investigative journalist who visits the small, picturesque town of Killkent to work on a story about a possible serial killer in the area. However, she soon discovers a much darker truth and unknowingly paints a target on her chest when she discovers that the entire city is populated by retired killers, all of whom want her dead before she can share the city’s dark secret.

“The idea was that we have a small town where everyone is a killer, but of different types — trained hitmen, ex-military, serial killers, etc. — and they all come to this small town,” Vuorensola tells me. THRadding that the script has a similar “laconic humour”. Iron air.

There are several important rules in Killtown – never reveal its secret and keep all kills out of its bounds.

“Unless you absolutely have to,” Vuorensola said. “And of course it’s all heading towards a big gunfight.”

Killtown reunites Vuorensola with Brilliant Pictures CEO Sean O’Kelly, who produced Iron air.

“It was phenomenal and became a cult franchise that ended up making three movies. And that’s pretty much the same team behind it,” said O’Kelly, who confirmed the team reached out to an A-list cast.

Produced by Tony Krantz of Friends of Mr Cairo (Melancholy, Dogville, Viking Destiny) alongside Brilliant Pictures’ O’Kelly (Deep fear, Iron Sky) and Marc Bikindou (Black Dahlia, cheat), Killtown was written by Adam Marko-Nord (Jazzoo, Jazzoo – the party). As of the fourth quarter, principal photography will take place in Spain.

Brilliant Pictures, based in London and Rome, handles the worldwide sales rights for Killtown.

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