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Cannes Flashback: 25 years ago, Johnny Depp brought ‘Fear and Loathing’ to the Croisette


In his first major red carpet appearance since last year’s high-profile lawsuit with his ex Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is expected to take center stage tonight at the 76th Cannes Film Festival for the historical drama’s world premiere. Joan of Barry. In the film, Depp stars as French King Louis XV opposite Maïwenn, who plays the title character – the king’s last royal mistress – and also directed.

While Depp won his libel suit against Heard and claimed justification, the way could be cleared for one of those awkward Cannes press conferences, as the controversial legal proceedings include many allegations about the star’s substance abuse.

In contrast, when Depp appeared at the 1998 festival — with girlfriend Kate Moss by his side — for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, in which he played gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, he was fairly relaxed when the topic of drugs came up. At the official press conference, where Depp was joined by director Terry Gilliam and co-star Benicio del Toro, a journalist complimented the depiction of drug use during Thompson’s mind-bending adventures in the film, saying, “You were very convincing,” and provocatively asking questions. : “Is it from research or from real experience?”

Depp took the question to heart and replied, “We are responsible people. Being an altar boy, having dabbled a bit in my youth, experimenting with various horrific substances, I definitely know what some of those things feel like. But you know, most of the drugs in (Thompson’s book) are invented. Adrenochrome, for example. The idea of ​​chewing on a human pineal gland is a little strange… though you never know.”

“You can go to the source and ask a doctor how it feels,” the actor added. “He said it would be the equivalent of drinking 20 bottles of wine in 1.5 minutes. Imagination. Just use my imagination. That’s what I’ve done.”

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