Canelo v GGG live stream: how you can see the Alvarez-Golovkin fighting online, wherever and whenever

<pre><pre>Canelo v GGG live stream: how you can see the Alvarez-Golovkin fighting online, wherever and whenever

So here we are again. It is the rematch for Saul & Cano & # 39; Canelo & # 39; Alvarez and Gennady & # 39; GGG & # 39; Golovkin who controversially signed 364 days ago. Who will take the victory in Canelo vs GGG 2? We're here to tell you how you can stream the whole fight live no matter where you are. It is the biggest fight of the decade!

Canelo vs GGG 2 – where and when

Tonight & # 39; s Canelo vs. Golovkin rematch takes place at the T-Mobile Arena with 20,000 places in Las Vegas – exactly the same phase as the original fight.

Now that the undercard action is already well underway, the main event is expected to start at about 11 pm ET, 8 pm PT, 4 am BST and 1 pm Sunday AET.

It is fair to say that at the end of the first Canelo vs. GGG fight, boxers stayed behind at the T-Mobile Arena, when a judge scored the fight as a comfortable 118-110 victory for Canelo, while the remaining two were recorded as a 115 – 113 for Golovkin and a draw from 114 – 114. Since then a rematch has surfaced and despite some delays – not least caused by two failed drug tests for Canelo – the Mexican has the opportunity to reclose horns with his opponent in Kazakhstan.

Canelo's tendency to blow out in the later phases of the big fights may give GGG the head start in this direction, but if last year's game is something to counter, this will be fought very hard. It is a tense middleweight fight that could well turn out to be a classic.

If you're wondering how you can see the fight live, TechRadar comes around the corner. We tell you your viewing options in the US, UK, Canada and Australia below and we have a top tip for streaming Canelo. vs GGG 2 safe no matter where you are in the world.

Live stream the Canelo vs. Golovkin fight from anywhere with a VPN

Scroll down to find out which broadcaster shows boxing in some of the largest English-speaking countries around the world. But even if the place where you live does not have it, you can always use a VPN to call into a country that has a stream. A VPN is perfect for this, because you can then change your IP address so that you appear to be in a completely different location.

VPNs are also useful if you are concerned about safe internet use, thanks to the encryption they use to hide your data. And the best thing is that your personal information will not be logged. We have tested hundreds of VPNs and can recommend them as the best VPN services currently available:

1. Express VPN (comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee)
This is the best rated VPN in the world at the moment. You can watch many devices simultaneously, including Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPads, tablets, etc. View Express VPN

2. IPVanish supports up to 10 devices, so ideal for traveling

3. VyprVPN: high speeds make VyprVPN an excellent choice for 4K video

How to view Canelo vs GGG 2: US stream

HBO PPV organizes the fight exclusively in the US.
The battle between Canelo and GGG will be shown live on HBO Pay-Per-View in the US, with coverage starting at 8:00 PM and 5:00 PM PT.

The fight costs a bargain ($ 84.99). Among the cable providers with whom you can buy the fight include DirecTV and Dish. Streaming options for computers and mobile devices depend on your cable supplier, but DirecTV, for example, ensures that HBO PPV coverage can be streamed via mobile, tablet and PC.

If those options are attractive, but you are outside the US this weekend, than use a VPN make you look like you are back home.

How to watch Canelo vs. Golovkin fight: UK stream

How to watch Canelo vs GGG: Canada live stream

It is again PPV if you are in Canada
It seems that Canadian viewers can also buy the Canelo vs Golovkin on a PPV basis – that's no big surprise for such a fight.

It is distributed through HBO PPV (so check out our American section above for pricing information), with people like Shaw Direct and Canadastar Boxing both offering a package to view Canelo versus GGG.

How to view the Canelo vs. GGG rematch: Australia stream