Candice Warner makes a shock Botox confession as she reveals the bizarre place she gets it

Candice Warner is open and honest about Botox.

The cricket WAG now revealed that she receives injections not only in her face but also in her armpits.

The retired ironwoman suffers from a condition called hyperhidrosis, which involves excessive sweating.

Candice Warner has made a shocking Botox confession. It reveals the bizarre place she gets it

‘I’m not afraid to say that yes, I’ve got Botox in my face and it makes me feel fantastic,’ she explained to her fellow co-hosts, Tom Tilley and Harley Breen, on their Triple M Summer Breakfast show. 

“Being a mom, you get tired. It makes me feel better and fresher about myself.

Harley, who also suffers from hyperhidrosis, added that you can get Botox in the armpits to prevent excessive sweating.

The cricket WAG revealed that she receives injections not only in her face but also in her armpits

Candice agreed, saying that she used to have sweaty armpits and would often work in front of the camera. It was embarrassing.

SAS Australia’s star admitted that she only gets the treatment under her arms ‘about once per year’ and doesn’t sweat it anymore. 

She said that the downside to this is that the sweat must go somewhere else, which for her means it has to come out of her feet.

Candice suffers from a condition called hyperhidrosis, which involves excessive sweating. She David, her cricket star husband, is pictured here 

Candice stated, “I’ll be walking in a pair of slides and sliding literally everywhere,”

The surf life saver, who is married to cricketer David Warner, has always been open about her health and Botox journey and says she doesn’t understand why people don’t like to discuss the ‘work they’ve had done’.

She said, “It is obvious when someone has had Botox and when they haven’t. If it makes you feel good, then it’s all that matters.”

She stated that the downside is that the sweat needs to go somewhere else, which she believes it does. 

“I don’t care what people think about me, whether I’ve had it. It makes me feel better about my self. So I’m pro Botox.’

Candice shared with Daily Mail Australia her top fitness tips and day in a plate.

She said, “Yes, I do have sugars, but I try not to eat as much and as healthy as I can.”

She Although she is committed to healthy eating, she admits that she enjoys a glass or two of bubbly when she needs to unwind. She also has a notorious sweet tooth. 

Candice shared her top tips for fitness and day on a platter with Daily Mail Australia in October.

She added, “I do love a Chandon,” ‘Like everyone else. I’m a mom and sometimes after the kids go down to sleep, you need a happy time. I don’t fear having a glass of wine.

Candice noted that exercise has had a ‘always’ greater impact on Candice’s health and plays an important role in her daily life. 

She Cardio and heavy weights are key ingredients to keeping her fit and healthy. 

“I like to lift heavyweights.” She explained that cardio is what she loves most, and she also loves running. “So, whether it’s on the treadmill at the coast or on the beach, it’s so vital for me, both physically and mentally.”

Candice has three children with David – Ivy Mae Indi Rae and Isla rose

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