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Canadian is investigated after admitting supplying lethal poison to 'hundreds' of suicidal Brits


A Canadian chef is being investigated after admitting to supplying ‘hundreds’ of suicidal Britons with the deadly poison – several of whom committed suicide by consuming it, according to report.

  • Kenneth Law has been sending poison to young suicidal people around the world for two years
  • Four deaths in the UK linked to the Substances Act sold online and sent from Toronto

A Canadian chef served up a lethal poison used by young Brits to commit suicide, it was reported last night.

Kenneth Law had been sending the material to vulnerable customers around the world from a post office near Toronto for at least two years, times mentioned.

Four deaths in the UK have been linked to the poison he sold online, including that of Tom Parfitt, of Maidenhead in Berkshire, who committed suicide at the age of 22 after buying the substance from Low.

Mr. Parfitt’s father, David, said that Lou “virtually handed my son a loaded gun”.

He told The Times, “I think my son would still be alive if it weren’t for this man and this material.”

Kenneth Law has been sending the substance to vulnerable customers around the world from a post office near Toronto for at least two years, The Times reports (file photo)

Law allegedly gave instructions about guaranteeing death to an undercover reporter posing as a suicidal customer, and bragged that some buyers had told him he was doing “God’s work.”

He claimed to have sent the poison to hundreds of buyers in Britain and vowed to do so until his stocks were depleted – despite pleas from British police forces and criminal investigation staff.

This substance has caused at least 70 deaths in Britain, but it is legal to sell and serves purposes other than poison.

It is ‘reportable’ rather than regulated under the UK’s Poisons Act, which means retailers must alert authorities if it is suspected that it has been purchased to cause harm.

These rules do not apply outside Britain but it is illegal to assist suicide in the UK and Canada and is punishable by up to 14 years in prison in both countries.

Another of Law’s clients was Anthony Jones, a 17-year-old American who ran to his mother yelling “I want to live” after ingesting the substance, which eventually killed him.

In Britain, Parfitt and Michael Dunham, 38, and Neha Raju, 23, a 21-year-old student, died within the past 18 months after purchasing products from Law’s.

Parfitt’s father said that the law was playing God by providing weak people with the means to kill themselves.

He added, “He intentionally provides people with a substance to take their own lives and takes a kind of perverse pleasure from knowing that they do so.”

Law told the undercover reporter that “many, many, many, many” people died after consuming poison, which he claimed he had administered to hundreds of Britons.

He said he started working after seeing his mother suffering from a stroke.

The former aeronautical engineer, who was recently hired as a chef at a Toronto hotel, told the undercover reporter, ‘We’re not advanced enough as a civilization to openly accept death. I hope I am a little more enlightened.

He urged the correspondent to buy poison, adding, “If the day comes for any reason—it may be a war in Europe or whatever—at least you’ll have something readily available.”

When later confronted about his actions, Lu said, ‘They’re taking their own lives. I’m not doing anything. I’m just selling a product. I don’t help. It’s your choice. I don’t force you to buy anything. Maybe you want to stop people from buying knives and guns.

Law’s sites have now been taken down by their domain owners, and a spokesperson from the Ontario Police said they have launched an investigation.

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