Can You Wash Wool Suit Pants with a Machine

Everybody is asking the age-old question, “can you wash wool using a washing machine?” Wool is a delicate fibre. It is prone to damage from heat and chemicals. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool needs special care when washing it. If you own wool suit pants, wool sweaters, and wool suits, then you probably have to deal with this problem over and over. 

There was a time when you can’t wash wool clothing machines. But time has changed. We get new technology and innovations every day. With today’s technology, you can wash wool using some, not all, washing machines. 

Here are some of the things that you should remember when using a machine to wash your wool suit pants, whether it is a part of men’s suits or part of boys suits. These will help you avoid damage and shrinkage to your wool clothing. 

Always Check The Label First

Before anything else, check the labels of your pants first. The tags will tell you how to care for your suit trousers. For some manufacturers, you can’t claim guarantees if you don’t follow these specific wash care instructions. Some labels will tell you that the pants are “dry-clean only”. Some wool trousers, especially the ones mixed with other fibres, often say they are washing machine safe. 

What if your wool pants have no labels? Or what if it says “dry clean only”? Does it mean that you can’t put them in your washer? Not entirely. For labelled pants, you may want to follow the instruction if you care about the guarantee. In any case, it may still be possible to wash it with a machine. As for the ones without labels, the only way you can find out if it’s safe or not is by trying it yourself.

How to Wash Wool Suit Pants in Washing Machine

Today’s technology makes it possible to wash wool suit pants using washing machines. Some machines have specific cycles designed for washing wool. Here are the steps on how to do it. 

  1. Turn the wool pants inside out. Doing this helps preserve the fabric from potential damage. 
  2. Set the machine on wool setting. Otherwise, you can set it to a cold wash cycle. As a rule of thumb, water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celcius, as heat can shrink wool. 
  3. Only use mild detergents, preferably something specifically designed for wool fabrics. Do not use any detergent with bleaching agents and add-in chemicals. 
  4. Never dry your clothes with the machine. The heat from it will cause wool to shrink. Instead, flat dry the wool pants, place it away from direct sunlight.

Things to Remember When Washing Wool

Not only that wool is delicate, but it is also expensive. If possible, do not wash your wool pants often. When washing them with a machine, try soaking it first in cold water. It will reduce the chance of shrinkage. 

If you are not willing to take any risk of ruining your wool pants using a machine, it’s best to stick with hand wash and dry clean. When hand washing wool, make sure to use lukewarm water. You can use cold water for the last rinse. Avoid hanging them out in direct sunlight. Like machine wash, always use wool detergents.Read about TSP Cleaner