Can YOU spot the dog in six seconds? Only people with incredible observation skills will be able to

Can YOU see the dog in six seconds? Only people with incredibly high observation skills will be able to see it

Anyone who has a dog knows that sometimes they can jump out of nowhere while hiding in your house.

While it’s easy to overlook them, hidden between the wall gap and the couch, or lurking under the table, sometimes it seems like you can’t find them at all.

The following could be said for the dog in the image below, which isn’t hiding at all yet is hard to spot on camera.

Spotting this furry creature is a sure sign that you’ve got a good set of eyes on you, but are you up for the challenge?

You have six seconds to find the little dog in the picture below.

Can you spot the dog that appears to be hiding from the camera in the photo above?

Could you find man’s best friend in the photo above?

The pet is hiding somewhere in the messy room, but where exactly?

Is it on the bed, under the blue duvet and next to the pillow? No.

Is it under the desk or hidden among the pile of clothes and bags at the foot of the bed? No.

The bright green dog leash lying on the floor is a bit of a giveaway – it’s actually between the blue chair and a pair of shoes.

We’ve highlighted it in the image below for those who still can’t find it.

The Dog Is Hidden In Plain Sight, Sitting Between The Navy Blue Chair And The Pair Of Shoes On The Floor

The dog is hidden in plain sight, sitting between the navy blue chair and the pair of shoes on the floor

Even when not intentionally trying to do so, this dog seems to have a knack for camouflage.

Some animals are naturally well-adapted to seemingly hiding in plain sight — a snow leopard in India caused wildlife watchers to rub their eyes this week with its remarkably effective camouflage.

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