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Can you get banned if you use mods in GTA Online?


Many players love modifications or Mods, so to speak, in order to add more fun and do things that players have always wished to do when the restrictions of the game and developers prevented him from doing so, but what about GTA Online? Can I be banned by the game developer if I install a mod?

We will answer this question and several other questions that come to your mind or in the minds of many players, so that you do not worry about being permanently or temporarily banned in your favorite game by the game developer rockstar which are not usually easygoing with their titles.

In the well-known Grand Theft Auto V game, which was and still is one of the most popular titles that have hundreds of unofficial modifications, and it is present on many websites, and players download and try countless modifications, whether in the story phase or the game mode. The heat.

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As mentioned, we know that the developer of the game, Rockstar, is very strict in matters of online cheating and multiplayer in general, and they are still releasing rigorous updates and increasingly more complex software in order to be able to detect the use of mods by players. into intolerance.

Are mods allowed in GTA Online?

Unfortunately, the developer also has a strict zero-tolerance policy, specifically when it comes to mods, or any kind of them, on the popular multiplayer mode GTA Online, where the use of mods is classified as a direct violation of their user agreement.

When using the launcher of rockstarYou will be notified that the current game files contain unauthorized files, and this is definitely an initial warning directed to you, so yes, you will be banned for using modifications or “Mods” in the game GTA Online while playing on the official Rockstar servers.

How can I avoid ban GTA Online

However, if you play real life RP servers which usually require third party servers, you can use mods based on the instructions of the particular server.

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Also, do not forget that as long as you use these mods in the story mode of the game GTA 5 or the free-to-play system in the city of Los Santos, Rockstar will not oppose the use of mods to improve or even change the single-player experience. So turn into Superman, or even blow up the entire city and you won’t get any kind of ban.

warning: There are a large number of tweaks that may contain malware that may harm your files or use them without your permission.

When you stop playing mods in order to switch to GTA Online, you must remove your mods and place them in an external folder outside of the game files. If you forget about it or you can’t find these files, you may get banned even without being warned by Rockstar’s own player, as they can be considered as cheating aids.

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What will happen if I get banned in GTA Online?

If you get banned in the game, you will almost certainly lose all your progress and your entire character, which means that you will not only have to buy a brand new copy of Grand Theft Auto V, but you will also spend endless hours re-earning money and tidying up the things you lost.

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