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Can you crack the corona riddles? These picture puzzles reveal 21 known lockdown activities

Can you crack the corona riddles? This puzzle of photos reveals 21 activities that are all too well known under lockdown


Test your mind against the problems of Daily Mail’s coronavirus. How many of these 21 puzzles can you crack?


1. Try to cut your own hair (try to cut 2 own hair)

2. Praise the Queen’s Speech (Pray the Queen’s Peach)

3. Ring an isolated neighbor (Ring an eye pad A neighbors)

4. Learn to play the accordion (Learn to play the A core D hen 2)

5. Wait for the pubs to open (Weight 4 the pubs 2 O pen)

6. Pump iron for training (Pump iron 4 X R size)

7. Meet parents on a laptop (Meat pear ants honor lap top)

8. Keep six feet away from everyone (Keep six feet A weigh from N E 1)

9. Open a bottle of St Emilion (Open a bottle o Santa million)

10. Paint over cracks in the ceiling (Paint over quacks in the seal)

11. Sewing PPE for the NHS (Sew pea pea E 4 chicken A chess)

12. Paint rainbows (Paint rainbows)

13. Train children in the kitchen (Train children in the kitkin)

14. Jump the whole house clean (Jump the whole house clean)

15. Birdwatch from a window (Birdwatch from a wind O)

16. Play Monopoly all night (play Mon O Polly All Knight)

17. Try to be a paperback writer (try to be a back right hare)

18.Leaving a dog in the afternoon (Wall Car Dog in the afternoon)

19. I like a glass of Chianti (I like a glass of key ant tea)

20. Find the last piece of the puzzle (look 4 jigsaws last peace)

21. Come up with a new cocktail (Dream up a gnu cock tail)