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Can Trucks Drive Lawfully In The Left Lane?


Determining whether trucks driving in the left lane is legal depends on the state and its law. However, in most states, trucks are only allowed to drive in the left lane if they take a turn on the left, overtake a vehicle or exit. There are lanes designed especially for trucks in some states to reduce the risk of accidents.

Trucks running on left lanes are dangerous to other drivers on the road and cna lead to serious accidents. Click here to learn more about truck accidents related to driving in the left lane.

Can trucks drive lawfully in the left lane?

Smaller vehicles have a higher risk of devastating accidents when colliding with large-body trucks. Although there are special laws to control and prevent accidents caused by trucks, accidents still occur, and it is important for car drivers to drive defensively every time.

Truckers driving on the left lane endanger themselves and the vehicles behind them. Some people argue that it is not an issue if trucks run at higher speeds in the left lane. On the contrary, if the truck breaks the state’s speed limit, makes a higher risk of accidents as the truck cannot react fast to emergency situations.

There is also a risk for truckers to change their lane from left to right when driving at higher speed. It is because the right side is a blindspot for truckers due to their truck size. The driver may not realize that there was another passenger vehicle. In some states, the trucks are not allowed to drive in the left lane, while in others, it is used only for passing.

What to do if a truck is driving in the left lane?


You should stay cautious when sharing the road with any large vehicle or truck. The blind spot of trucks starts from the front engine all the way back to the trailer. You might be driving in the right lane, but what if the truck driver steers into the left lane?

Many times, due to a big blind spot, the driver cannot detect a vehicle on the right and attempt to make a switch to a different lane. You can collide with the truck’s trailer if you are not careful.

When you spot a truck in the left lane, try to stay out of their blind spot so they can clearly see and do not attempt to change lanes. If you want to overtake a truck, make sure your horn is enough, change your lane, move well ahead, and then transition back to the lane.


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