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Can Eyesight be Improved Without Costly Medical Treatments? Here are Seven Easy Steps for Doing So:


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Several adults aged between the 40s-50s start developing eyesight issues due to increasing age with insufficient lubrication self-generated by the eyes to keep with the changes. But the problems related to eyesight and dry eyes are not just related to age. The increasing usage of computers and phones has retarded the eyesight of the young generation since the vision is affected by the blue rays and prolonged inability to live comfortably with the eyes is progressive. 

The vision might be improved using prescription glasses or contact lenses, but these temporary issues need a permanent solution, and there are right ways to explore such option:

Vitamins and minerals for your eyes:

Vitamins such as A, C and E, and minerals like zinc contain antioxidants that help prevent macular degeneration, where the central vision diminishes. The food sources that provide the required amount of nutrients are found in several fruits and vegetables, such as:


Red peppers




Sweet potatoes 

Omega 3 rich fatty acids such as flax seeds are good for eyesight.

Diabetes and other chronic diseases:

Diabetes affects your vision in the long run, blood pressure, multiple sclerosis highly affects your eyesight. The damage to the optic nerve can lead to vision impairment, but these problems can be handled with proper lifestyle and mediations.

High blood pressure is treatable with healthy heart exercises and antihypertensive medications. 

Exercises :

Exercising for at least half an hour is healthy for the body, including the eyes. The increased blood circulation is good for the eyes because the small blood vessels surmounting them can remove any deposited toxic substances. 

Protective eyewear:

Be it a laboratory, a garage or sun, wearing eye protective gear is a must. The risk of chemicals or materials such as a spark or wooden shavings can be potentially hazardous for the eyes. Many protective gears are made with polycarbonate, which is ten times tougher than other forms of plastic.

Sunglasses that block almost 99-100 per cent of UV rays from entering your eyes is essential. They help you to avoid damages such as cataracts that might damage your vision.

Rest :

After every 20 minutes of working on the computer, you must stray away and look at anything 20 feet away for almost 20 seconds to improve your vision and avoid the blue rays from harming your eyesight. 

Quit tobacco consumption:

Smoking and consuming tobacco can dramatically increase the risk of developing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

The longer you avoid smoking, the inflammation surrounding the blood vessels will slowly subside throughout the eyes and the whole body.

Dry masks and heat gauge:

Several reasons lead to dryness of the eyes. When sebum glands fail to generate enough natural oil, it leads to redness, blurred vision or irritation. Age, menopause, excess usage of gadgets or any underlying disease can be some of its reasons. Dry eyes heat masks can help relax the eyes and slowly help them release the natural oils from their glands, helping in subsiding any issue. The best eye mask for dry eyes works as a long term relief for dry, inflamed eyes and helps them soothe pain and inflammation. 

Washing your hands, vegetables, fruits and keeping a count on your weight issues might seem like unimportant aspects, but they also play a key role in improving your vision and making your eyesight healthier. 

A healthier lifestyle protects your eyes from potential hazards that can lead to several eye-related conditions and problems. 

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