Can Digital Marketing Help Lawyers Reach To New Clients?


Yes, Digital Marketing Can Help Lawyers Reach New Clients

If anybody asked me 20 years ago, “How to market law firms?” I would have answered them with TV ads, radios, and print media. But today, my answer will be different. If you would ask me the same question right now, my answer will be Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is the new trend of the market and has been the most influential aspect of every business. Today everything has its online presence. Whether we are talking about an individual, a community, a business, products, services, or anything you can imagine, you will find that they have an online presence.

Why is that so?

It is because people have become more accustomed to digital media and spend most of their time on digital media platforms. This can be seen as an opportunity for law firms to reach out to broader audience bandwidth.

Why Is Law Firm Marketing Important?

People usually don’t maintain a good relationship or befriend a lawyer. So when they need lawyers or law firms, the only possible option left for them is to take out their phone and search for the best law firms nearby. Well, this might be a vague search, but this allows you to make yourself exposed to these kinds of searches.

With the right implication of the digital marketing strategies, you can rank on the top pages of search engine result pages. Talking about top-ranking law firms, Finlaw law firm is one of the most rated law firms on search engines. You can read more about findlaw reviews here.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Lawyers Reach New Clients?

As someone who has been in the digital marketing industry for a decade, I know all the Digital Marketing campaigns’ ins and outs. I have worked with quite a large number of lawyers and have helped them gain a much needed online presence and reach prospective clients.

My experience tells me that the following digital marketing strategies have helped lawyers gain new audiences and market reputation.

1. Online Consultation

It has always surprised me how a legal professional does not offer a free initial consultation. Offering a free consultation doesn’t mean that you have to offer your hours to them. You can simply have an alight talk about the cases and can discuss the possibilities. In fact, it is the best way to convince your audience to hire you.

The initial free consultation does not have to be a meeting. We are living in a world where you can easily have video conferences; you can use this technology to offer free consultation and increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Branding Your Law Firm

With digital marketing, you can easily create brand awareness for your law firm organically. You can use search engines to share valuable content with your audiences. The more your content performs on the search engine, the more exposure your law firm will get.

In fact, you can use social media platforms to share videos. Some people even prefer listening to blog posts or podcasts; you can use these strategies as well to reach out to your prospective audience. 

3. Google My Business

Google my business gives you an opportunity to add your law firm location on google maps. So if any of your audiences look for your law firm on google maps, they will have a location on the map. This is one of the best things for a brick and mortar business.

With google my business in place, you can provide solid evidence of your law firm being authentic. You can add your law firm photos and videos in Google My Business to make them look more authentic and credible.

4. Googling Reviews

Another perk of listing down your law firm in google my business is that you can ask your client to leave a review for future audiences. These reviews will help them to evaluate your offers and the quality of services.

However, ensure that you take the negative reviews seriously. You can either not respond to negative reviews or be respectful about it, even if you are responding.

Final Take Away

Marketing a law firm has its own set of challenges. Perhaps the major challenge is to build trust among the audiences. Your law firm is your partner to survive in this lethal industry. Hence, it is important that you take help from digital marketing.