Can Astrological Predictions about Marriage Come True ?

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnised on earth. Hindu weddings are solemnised after a thorough Kundli matching to compare the compatibility of the couple. The Kundli analysis helps to understand the celestial bodies’ impact on marital life and undertake remedial measures to avoid unfortunate events. Marriage predictions are often drawn from the natal birth chart or the horoscope. In Vedic astrology, horoscopes are prepared based on the time, place and date of birth and derived through complex mathematical calculations. These calculations help predict major events in an individual’s life span, including education, career, wealth, marriage, love and relationships, etc. The horoscope plays an integral part in marriages, and Hindu marriages are rarely solemnised without matching horoscopes. The horoscopes, if charted accurately, will indicate the characteristics and personality traits of the individual. It also provides analysis on the marital life, including when the individual would marry, the favourable periods for marriage, whom the individual will marry, and post-marital life analysis and even remedial measures to overcome any difficult periods in marital life.

Constituents of marriage astrology

Marriage astrology depends on analysing a few important elements to predict and ensure an individual’s excellent marital life. It also helps to indicate whether the individual may marry or not. The essential aspects analysed for marriage in Indian Vedic astrology are as below:

7th House analysis

The natal chart outlines the 12 houses or bhavas that provides the astrological impact on essential aspects of an individual’s life. The 7th house in the natal chart represents the marital life of the individual. Analysis of the 7th house provides information regarding the nature of married life, characteristics of your partner, offspring, and various other events in your married life.

Dasa-Apahara analysis and favourable periods for marriage

Dasa-Apahara analysis in Vedic astrology provides an insight into the influences of planets and celestial bodies on various aspects of an individual’s life. A thorough analysis of dasa – apaharas and planetary alignments throw light on the favourable periods in an individual’s life as well as the favourable period for marriage.

Predicting the age of marriage

Vedic astrology has helped predict the exact age for marriage based on the favourable and malefic planets’ planetary positions. Marriage of an individual at the age of 22 is predicted when the 7th house is not occupied by Mercury, Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Saturn. You may be married between 22 and 24 if Mercury is placed in a favourable position. If Shani or Rahu are affected, your marriage may solemnise at the age of 27.

Yogas for Marriage

The planetary combinations indicate Yogas in the natal chart that impact your life. The natal chart shows the specific yogas that influence marriage and marital life of an individual. All these yogas are only analysed accurately provided you provide true and accurate information regarding your date of birth.

Kuja/Manglik dosha and its effects on married life

The position of planet Kuja/Manglik or Chovva dosha is an important aspect while analysis the marriage prospects of an individual. If Kuja is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house and supported by some other factors may have a malefic impact on marriage. This is popularly known as Kuja/Manglik/Chovva dosha. An individual with this dosha may face some difficulties in marriage and have to perform remedial rituals to overcome marital life difficulties.

Rahu-Ketu doshas

Vedic astrology helps to understand the effects of Rahu and Ketu on an individual’s marriage based on their positions in the natal chart. By analysing the birth chart, one can understand whether these planets negatively influence the marital life of the individual and what remedial measures can be adopted to overcome these difficulties.

Marriage compatibility analysis with astrology

Astrology helps to determine the Marriage Horoscope compatibility of a couple. Compatibility is the essential component for a successful and happy married life. Date of birth analysis and the systematic combination of charts match the compatibility aspect, including behaviour and physical attributes. The ‘Guna Milan or Ashtakoot Milan’ is one such aspect to check marriage compatibility along with the presence of Manglik dosha as well as the power of Navamsa chart

Solving relationship and marital problems

Astrology is also a powerful tool to solve relationship problems with the help of astro-counselling. With this method, an astrologer can check for conflicting planets that negatively impact a couple. Such negative impacts are resolved with remedial measures such as karma correction and Vedic rituals that help repair conflicting relationships and aids the couple in enjoying a happy and harmonious relationship.


Astrology helps to analyse the marriage prospects of an individual and helps determine the marriage compatibility and counteract the malefic effects of the planets that may cause issues in marital relationships. However, the important factor that one must keep in mind is to ensure a skilled and renowned astrologer who can provide the right guidance and accurate predictions of your life.