Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help With BV?

Moment of truth—dealing with bacterial vaginosis (bv) just straight-up sucks.

Physically you are constantly trying to alleviate a distressed vagina that seems to be itchy and in pain all the time. And mentally you are likely self-conscious about the strange odors your vagina is producing and feeling bad about yourself.

Well, this is not a good scenario and we don’t want you to have to deal with this.

Bacterial vaginosis is nothing to be ashamed of—it happens to the majority of women at least once in their life. It all comes about because the pH levels in your vagina become unbalanced for a whole range of reasons, meaning that the bad bacteria has an opportunity to overpower the good bacteria.

When this small window of opportunity happens, the bad bacteria make the most of it and work hard to form an infection known as bacterial vaginosis.

Luckily, bacterial vaginosis is treatable and can be done so with a range of natural remedies. But we’re about to let you in on a little secret. The best ingredient you can use to help restore balance in your vagina’s pH levels is something known as apple cider vinegar (acv).

How does apple cider vinegar actually help?

Apple cider vinegar is simply fermented apples that can naturally turn their own sugar into acetic acid.

So acv for bv is literally a life-changer because that acetic acid keeps your bacteria balanced and is able to not only help rectify any infections that come up, but also prevent any issues from arising in the first place!

Who knew that apples could have such superpowers in keeping our vaginas healthy!

How can you use apple cider vinegar for your vagina?

Right, so there are a range of ways in which you can use apple cider vinegar to aid your vagina. We are going to share some lifestyle hacks for you to consider.

  1. Use vaginal cleansers that have acv as an ingredient

A little known fact is that vaginas are mostly able to self-clean without our help. It is when we expose our vaginas to body washes that have chemicals or fragrances that our pH levels get thrown out of whack. But there are specially made vaginal cleansers that are fragrance-free and use apple cider vinegar as the main ingredient to focus on keeping healthy pH levels in the region. So consider swapping out your standard body wash for special vaginal cleansers the next time you’re in the shower and wash that area.

  1. Take an apple cider vinegar bath

This one may sound a bit strange but trust us—it works! When you allow the warm water that is mixed with apple cider vinegar to properly soak in your vaginal region, you are giving it a solid chance to really prevent any imbalances from occurring. All you need is a cup of apple cider vinegar and your vagina (plus your skin) will thank you!

  1. Try taking dietary pills with acv

It is totally possible to ingest apple cider vinegar in the form of a supplement instead. Especially if you are sensitive to the taste or smell, popping a pill is a much easier way to ensure your body gets access to this amazing natural remedy.

And with anything that you expose your body to, it really all is about moderation. So be conscious of not exposing your body to too much apple cider vinegar at once and chat to your doctor as they will be able to determine and personal health risks that could result from apple cider vinegar.

Regardless, rest assured that there are natural and easy ways to get your vagina smelling and feeling normal again!