Camilla sends flowers from Buckingham Palace to London’s day centre for the aged

They were one of the highlights of last week’s state banquet: a glorious riot of seasonal red flowers picked from the palace gardens.

And thanks to the Queen Consort, they are now bringing joy to elderly visitors at a London day center, many of whom haven’t been able to treat themselves to a bouquet of flowers in years.

Floral arrangements have always played an important role in setting the table in the Buckingham Palace Ballroom when entertaining VIP visitors, providing a visual feast to complement the table setting.

The king is keen to carry on the tradition, but for his first state banquet as monarch he insisted that the displays use only seasonal flowers collected mainly from the palace gardens and Windsor estate, as part of a push for greater sustainability.

They included ivy with berries, flowering viburnum, cyclamen, nerinas, rose hips, anemones, and crabapples.

Queen Consort Camilla has donated flowers from a recent State Banquet at Buckingham Palace to a charity so they can be distributed to those who can enjoy them (Pictured: King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla during the State Banquet at the Buckingham Palace on November 22)

Behind-The-Scenes Images Shared By The Royal Family On Social Media Revealed The Flowers Being Prepared For The Event.

Behind-the-scenes images shared by the Royal Family on social media revealed the flowers being prepared for the event.

Now his wife continues the green memo by ensuring that the arrangements are recycled and reused for the benefit of those less fortunate.

As the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla was a committed supporter of Floral Angels, a small but dignified charity set up in 2013 to recycle and reuse event, wedding and retail flowers.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, it delivers flower bouquets and arrangements to people in the community who would not normally receive flowers, including hospices, nursing homes, shelters, and women’s shelters.

Their work also helps support the industry in reducing waste.

Camilla, 75, remains a patron of the charity as queen consort and last week quietly arranged for flowers used at Tuesday’s state banquet honoring the South African president to be distributed by the charity at various locations in London.

The Mail got exclusive access when the team at Floral Angels, given free space by event florists Pinstripes and Peonies at the capital’s New Covent Garden Flower Market, took delivery of the displays and turned them into smaller, more manageable bouquets.

After Taking Center Stage At Last Week'S Banquet (Pictured), The Flowers Have Now Been Redistributed By The Floral Angels Charity.

After taking center stage at last week’s banquet (pictured), the flowers have now been redistributed by the Floral Angels charity.

The charity’s co-founder, Frances Hunter, explained: ‘We are very grateful for Her Majesty’s continued support.

We know how much your life has changed, but you have been a great source of help and encouragement.

“How wonderful to think that flowers from Buckingham Palace are now going to make such a difference in people’s lives. It is something so simple but it means a lot to those who receive them.

‘Some of the women we see in shelters and shelters say they have never been given a flower in their lives. It really illuminates a very dark and difficult time for them.”

Lavish Floral Displays At The State Banquet (Pictured) Included Berry Ivy, Flowering Viburnum, Cyclamen, Nerines, Rose Hips, Anemones And Crabapples.

Lavish floral displays at the state banquet (pictured) included berry ivy, flowering viburnum, cyclamen, nerines, rose hips, anemones and crabapples.

A Spokesman For Age Uk Wandsworth, One Of The Recipients Of The Flowers, Said It Was

A spokesman for Age UK Wandsworth, one of the recipients of the flowers, said it was “very kind of the queen consort to think of us”.

At the moment, the charity can only deliver flowers to organizations in and around London, although they would like to expand their services.

One recipient was Age UK Wandsworth, which runs social activities for around 25 seniors a day, where deputy director Frank Colley said: “When we were told the flowers had come from Buckingham Palace, we just couldn’t believe it.” The smiles on our users’ faces were truly something to see.

It is so kind of the queen consort to think of us. Floral Angels is such a brilliant charity.

‘It makes our day when we get a delivery and everyone in the center is talking about it. Even as I speak to them, the scent of them wafts to the center.

‘With everything going on with the cost of living, it gives our people so much mental positivity and a smile on their face. They feel so special.

For more details on how to support the charity, see

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