Camila Cabello Speaks Out On ‘Ridiculous’, ‘Toxic’ Beauty Standards: ‘We Have Cellulite And We Have Fat’

Camila Cabello, pictured here on the red carpet, condemns “toxic” beauty standards. (Photo: Getty Images)

Camila Cabello sets the record straight when it comes to her take on society’s beauty standards and how she doesn’t let them control her.

on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the 24-year-old singer recalled a recent body shaming incident where she explained that she had been secretly photographed by paparazzi while running in West Hollywood, California. “I had my belly out, I didn’t know anyone took pictures of me,” she said. But once she saw pictures of her body circulating in tabloid magazines, she started having “anxious thoughts” about exposing her stomach and not “tucking it in”—until she made the decision to talk directly to the photos and determine how she would get on. were to be observed.

“I was like, you know what, this is normal. It’s like my weight goes up and down, also we have these crazy beauty standards of freakin’ Instagram of people who are photoshopped or if they are not photoshopped, it’s not every woman’s body,” Cabello said. “And I was like, you know, let me go on TikTok and just talk about this.”

The Cinderella actress posted a video captioned “I love my body” on her TikTok on July 16 and spoke to her 12 million followers about how she “existed as a normal person” while photos of her were being taken.

“And I talk about in the video like, we’re real women and we’ve got curves and we’ve got cellulite and we’ve got fat. And it’s like a lot to just have these crazy, unrealistic standards that make us feel bad about ourselves and about us feel like to go out I have to hide my body or put on a big T-shirt,” Cabello explained to Corden. “It’s like, why should I do that? Why can’t I just be myself?”

The next day, Cabello was made aware of the impact the video had made.

“I got so many women coming up to me and saying, ‘Woah, that resonated with me so much,'” she shared. “These standards are ridiculous and so toxic. I honestly feel so much more confident now after posting that video because I feel like I kind of have the story under control about it.”

Now it seems Cabello is working to master the narrative on a number of aspects of her life, including being more transparent about her mental health. She has even used her social media to discuss burnout and the importance of therapy.

“Keep being human,” one fan responded to Cabello’s post. “Just live your life in the most beautiful way. This is what I appreciate most about you.”