Cameron Diaz reveals the delicious meal she cooked future husband Benji Madden for their first date

Cameron Diaz shows you the delicious meal she made for Benji Madden on their first date

Cameron Diaz revealed the delicious meal she cooked for Benji Madden on their first date.

A sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode was available on The Drew Barrymore Show. Madden is a fan of the A-lister and he shared his story about winning him with a tasty dish of Mediterranean lamb jobs. 

Barrymore, 47, was the one who set the stage for Diaz, 50. She described how she helped Cameron prepare to go on her first date with Diaz, 43.

Cameron Diaz (50) has released the meal she cooked for Benji Madden on their first date.

Drew recollected, “We return from this two-day immersion course in Northern and Southern Italian cuisine,’ and “You are about to go on an intimate date with Benji.”

Barrymore described how they “talked about” each other. [the date] All weekend” and she drove Diaz to the grocery shop for ingredients. 

Drew said, “I drove you to the grocery store,” Drew replied. Drew was so pregnant that he stayed in his car and you went inside. What was the meal you made for Drew that night? I’m gonna let you tell it. It’s as clear as day.

Drew’s studio kitchen was full of Charlie’s Angels stars, who were preparing their own meal when Cameron described the dinner that brought them true love.

Charlie'S Chefs: In A Sneak Peak At Wednesday'S Episode Of The Drew Barrymore Show, The Beloved A-Lister Opened Up To Her Charlie'S Angels Costar About Winning Madden'S Heart With A Savory Dish Of Mediterranean Lamb Jobs

Charlie’s chefs: A sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode on The Drew Barrymore Show shows that the Charlie’s Angels star opened up to Madden about how she won her heart with a delicious dish of Mediterranean lamb jobs.

Drooling For Details: Barrymore, 47, Set The Stage For Her Best Friend Diaz, Describing How She Helped Cameron Prepare For Her First Date With The Good Charlotte Guitarist By Driving Her To The Grocery Store For Ingredients

Looking for more details? Barrymore, 47, was a stage setter for Diaz. She described how she drove Cameron to the grocery store to get ingredients, and how they helped Cameron prepare for their first date.

Savory Romance: 'Lamb Chops,' Revealed The Mask Star. 'Mediterranean Lamb Chops, Some Couscous, And Some Broccoli And Sautéed Zucchini'

Savory romance, ‘Lamb chops.’ Star of The Mask. ‘Mediterranean lamb chops, some couscous, and some broccoli and sautéed zucchini’

She said, “Lamb chops.” ‘Mediterranean lamb chops, some couscous, and some broccoli and sautéed zucchini.’

Barrymore inquired, “Did he make you the shallot gold that evening?” Barrymore eagerly inquired about Cameron’s secret flavor enhancer. 

“I put shallot Gold inside the Couscous,” replied The Mask star. 

Shallot Gold is a blend of olive oil and caramelized shallots. 

It’s a great ingredient to add to a variety recipes and dishes. 

Drew is evidently a fan of shallot gold as she turned to her audience and exclaimed: ‘Do you see what I’m saying!’ 

Mad About Madden: Diaz Tied The Knot With Her Rockstar Husband At Her Beverly Hills Home In 2015

Mad about Madden – Diaz got married to her rockstar man in Beverly Hills, California in 2015.

Diaz and her rockstar husband were married at her Beverly Hills home on February 15, 2015.

Four-time Golden Globe nominee, Raddix, announced in 2018 that she had’retired from acting’ and gave birth in December to Raddix. 

Both Cameron and Benji have been extremely private about their family life and rarely speak about their daughter.

The giggly superstar is set to return to acting with the Netflix movie Back in Action.

Cameron’s friend Jamie Fox will star in the action-comedy, while its central storyline remains secret. 

Source: People that Diaz has a more careful strategy for her film career this time around: ‘She She doesn’t want acting in her life to take over as it did before.

Returning To The Spotlight: The Four-Time Golden Globe Nominee Announced That She Had 'Retired' From Acting In 2018 And Gave Birth To A Daughter Named Raddix In December Of 2019. But The Megastar Is About To Make Her Acting Return With The Aptly Titled Netflix Film Back In Action

She’s back in the spotlight: Raddix, the four-time Golden Globe nominee, announced in 2018 that she had’retired’ from acting and gave birth to Raddix in December 2019. However, the superstar is set to make her acting comeback with the Netflix movie Back in Action.

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