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Camera captures Brisbane plumber’s toilet behavior.


Shocked homeowner’s disgust at plumber’s act in her toilet – as she shows security camera footage for all the world to review

  • Tradie caught using tools while repairing toilet
  • He was doing work in a unit in Brisbane in March
  • Tradie is fighting a suit related to the job
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Video has surfaced of a plumber using a customer’s rolling pin as a tool while he worked on her toilet, before then returning it to the kitchen drawer unwashed.

A Brisbane woman has come forward to share footage of the unnamed tradie walking around her house with the kitchenware during a call to her home on March 1.

The tradesman is seen getting the utensils from the kitchen, getting down on his knees and apparently using the rolling pin as a lever of sorts while working on a toilet.

The homeowner claims the merchant then put the rolling pin back in her kitchen drawer without washing it. However, he does not appear to have placed the utensils in the toilet bowl.

He then entered the bathroom and allegedly used the rolling pin on the toilet

A homeowner in Brisbane was distraught after footage showed the plumber, who was recommended by a friend, allegedly using a rolling pin on her toilet (pictured)

The woman – who had her home wired with multiple security cameras – reported the incident to the police.

The homeowner said she was “sick” of the footage of the plumber using the rolling pin in the bathroom.

“That can make you so desperately sick, and it really upsets me,” she said. The tearful homeowner added, “I just don’t know what he did that I didn’t see.”

The homeowner claims that when she asked the plumber to replace the contaminated tool, he asked if she needed him to come back and finish the job.

The woman said she had washed the rolling pin “three times through the dishwasher” and was looking for a second plumber to fix the toilet and shower.

The man has been charged with entering a home and committing a criminal offense related to his visit.

Tradie is appealing the charges, according to court records. The trader appeared before the Queensland Magistrates Court in late March. The case was adjourned until May.

The Brisbane homeowner said she was 'sick' at the footage of the plumber using her utensils to fix her toilet, saying she was at risk of becoming 'desperately ill'

The Brisbane homeowner said she was ‘sick’ at the footage of the plumber using her utensils to fix her toilet, saying she was at risk of becoming ‘desperately ill’

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